Some bug reports

Game mode: *Online official
Type of issue: [Performance ]

Server type: [ PvE ]
Region: [ Europe ]
Hardware: [ PS4 ]

Bug Description:

Audio is completely out of sync and too much delayed. I can ear the sound of each hit 3-4 seconds later.

Textures takes plenty of seconds to load completely

Thralls stop attacking when equipped with shield



Thanks for your report. Are your console on a wired or wireless connection?

You can check the connection with this test provided by the platform holder:

Please let us know if the issue persists.

Connection is fine and I’m using wired connection. I also noticed that now I cannot remove weapons from the stucked thrall

Yesterday I had the same delay. I jump from my roof and hear after 3-5 seconds my ‘aahhh’. I don’t realize at Frist that it’s my own ah. So I start watching who is there.
After a while I know that it was my own sound. This was not the whole time I played just sometimes there is the delay. I am playing on a wired ps4 and my connection was ok and usually 20up and 100 down. Also a ping of 33 to the server when I started


Thanks for getting back to us so quickly.

Please try the troubleshooting tool provided on this link.

Plenty of people are having these issues now since the latest update. I’m on ps5 and the graphics and rendering are now terrible. Textures like rugs and wall trophies are slow to render every time you exit and enter a room. Water is white until you go underwater. Sounds are out of sync. I’m wired connection with great speeds. It’s not our connections. This update has buggered something up. It ran and looked perfect pre update, but looks terrible now.


I checked my single player offline World and have the same rendering issues there. Maybe a little bit faster. But my 1 month old online pve base is a little bit more complex. More thralls, pets and benches.
This rendering is really ugly becouse my own eyes try to hit the focus on my arena walls. It is hard to deal with it even if it helps with other problems. Since the update I don’t get the flying over floor effect that I have to run out of render zone of my base. And this already happened to me on a 6 block size base when I was starting at this server. BTW the server ist not very populated.

@community I don’t think its a connection issue at all. Maybe a slow connection would make it more visible but in my eyes that’s not the troublemaker.

If this is not an issue for everyone we need to find out what constellations make it.
I have a old ps4 with an external drive but Conan is on the primary drive inside the ps4.
I had the game on disc and from psn. The DVD is the active one and installed in German language.
Also I have all dlcs except siptah

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The sound isn’t the only thing delayed. Textures, gravity…yes gravity:


My connection is the same when I didn’t have this issues before the last patch. All started exactly with the last patch…


Yep, this last patch has been more or less a disaster lol. Haven’t noticed an improvement on anything but rather the opposite. The whole game just looks ugly has hell now.


Lol :joy: home run!!!

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I am having this same issue, and my thralls are dying off at an alarming rate, when they are INSIDE my base.

it would be better if you had made the last Update as Choice for the PS4. Its not a smart move to make the game not realy working for PS4 owners. Its time for a turn back to the old version, nothing else would make it better or the same as before. The End will be you will lost a lot of Players sooner or later.

Normal PS4 here, good Connection, was enough before update. Please dont tell me about Troubleshooting, these Problems are not on us. Or be Honest an say: “Do you want to play our Game for the PS4 then you need to Buy a PS5. Good Luck!!”


Or plug in your PS4 and play Siptah. Easy to recreate.
Yah yah pvp official, hard wired, ps4 slim. Blah blah blah.

Here’s a fun one. Besides sound lag and invisible bosses, we have invisible players.


Exactly. All of a sudden it’s not the dlc but our connection and hardware. SMH. Ya think they tried this, or Twitch drops before bragging about it?


So: new bug I’m noticing, beyond the Thralls and pets randomly moving themselves around as if possessed. Thralls and pets are raiding the Thrall Pot and Feed Box for food…Then refusing to eat it. They literally build up stockpiles of food in their inventories, then do nothing with them and the food simply rots in their inventories. I have to run around and recollect everything from them like they’re children raiding the cookie jar, it’s wild.

Oh, and my favourite Thrall, the one I’ve had the longest, randomly died while following me. I was flying around, heading back to my base instead of simply admin teleporting (my own error, I suppose) and at my base I abruptly got the message that the Thrall had died.

I’m still gonna lurk the forums, but I honestly think that that was my last straw :disappointed: Between losing my favourite Thrall and all the other issues I’ve experienced, I’m just not gonna play Exiles, anymore, until some measure of stability is returned. I’ve made mention to leaving the game alone twice before; this is the third time and boyo, I’m out :disappointed:

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On siptah single player I ran off a cliff and died got distracted by my dogs lmfao :rofl::joy: the thrall following me was no where to be seen but can track it on the map but it was not there in the spot it says so I admin fly and ghost and it was under the map like far down there so I left it scouting thinking it would return home nope died. n
Next I died from a spider boss I come back my thrall again no where to be seen so I do the same but it must be so far down below the map that even I can’t see it I went so far down that the siptah map was gone. So I tried to rescue but there’s a cool down if it was in battle so I reloaded game and rescued it. The next problem is the temperature if your around furnaces it’s gets hot so you leave to cool down only for your temperature to go down but the left side text still says extremely hot and taking your health and won’t go away until you die or relog that’s really annoying. Look up age of conan they took a long time to fix that game as well hopefully they treat there console players alot better so far its like there last priority over PC they can say all they want they care but come on don’t bs us anymore and just say it you don’t like working on the console version it’s not as easy as you thought it would be but your investors wanted more money so console release was inevitable.

How are people seeing their thralls on the map? I don’t see an option for it on PlayStation.

Go to the followers menu, select the thrall of interest, and choose “track” (or something close to that). An icon on the map will reveal the thrall’s location.

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Thanks mate will try it when I get home I currently have a lost frost giant with full inventory lol :joy: