Connection issues and DLC troubleshooting

Greetings PSN Exiles!

We gathered a few links to help troubleshoot some of the main issues we saw in the threads below.

Test your Connection

To test your console connection you can try the test provided by the platform holder:

After checking your connection preferably wired, everything still looks fine on your end? Might be an issue with the server you’re trying to access. If you’re trying to reach an Official server please report it on this link and choose “Official server Performance” as the request type.

PSN troubleshooting tool

When downloading the game the internet connection might have been unstable and some files could be corrupted. You can try to solve it by using the console Safe mode, this will restore some settings and resolve data.

DLC not showing in-game

This might be an issue with the licence management on your console, follow the instructions shown on the following video to activate your purchased DLC’s:

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