PS4 update issues

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Since the new update:
Singleplayer Mode / Performance / Bug/ Performance

  1. Landscape is blurring
  2. Improved Carpenter Bench won’t scroll down or up
  3. Please correct me if I’m wrong. The Thrall limit didn’t include stationary thralls. I’m able to have just 3 thralls and no pets. Mine you, I’m a singleplayer playing offline.
  4. Game freezes more, within 1 hour it frozed 3 times.

I hope these issues get resolved. I really enjoy playing the game.


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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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It sounds like you are experiencing the same issues as myself and a growing number of other people Feltonjt. I have posted a link below, please come on over and add your voice if you are happy to do so. The more people who are identifying the issue as a problem, the better our chance of getting noticed.

PS- regarding the Thrall/Pet limit. Have you made yourself Admin yet? Either way, you can deactivate the Thrall/Pet limit manually. Pause the game using ‘options’ button. Scroll down to ‘Settings’, use R2 to scroll right to ‘Server Settings’, go down to ‘General’ and click on ‘Make Me Admin’. Back out of there and scroll down the list below General to ‘Pet and Hunger’. Uncheck the box named ‘Use Minion Population Limit’.


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Hello @Feltonjt, thank you for taking the time to report these issues!

1, 2 and 4 are being looked into and should be addressed through patching.

Regarding 3, the limit is optional as Croms_Faithful was kind to mention, and it does include all thralls and pets.

Ok, thank you for the information and getting back to me on those issues. I really enjoy the game.


Thank you very much for the information. I’ll try that the thralls/pets.

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My pleasure Feltonjt. If you get stuck and can not work it our, or have any further questions, just let me know ok.

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