New bugs and old

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [NA]

Been experiencing a variety of goodies recently. From textures shifting in and out like this.
To a random crash that caused me to lose a thrall (a very good one, geared and leveled) and there is no activity in the event log detailing if he died, or even returned home - even after I searched the area for him.

Thralls even holding tools in their hands that I’m currently using. Like a skinning knife, or pickaxe.

Just ran into a issue with the improved carpenters bench, where prior to placing a thrall into the bench you can see (on the right side) your crafts, the things you’re able to make like shaped wood. But once the thrall is placed - the items are there as well as the new items the thrall gives you to craft - only if any get pushed down and you have to scroll you can’t. It won’t let you. Your icon vanishes, and while you can navigate it (you can count the spaces, move your icon) and select the items you want.

The thrall weapon issue, (where they just stand and look at the monster and don’t bother to attack) is still an issue. Changing to a two handed weapon and changing back seems to help, but the issue is there still

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Another just encountered: while in the sunken city, access to a thrall’s inventory became difficult. I couldn’t select them. And when I was able to, finally, it was impossible to do it again.

I can confirm, everything you mention is true.

So excited about this new Holiday Event. I can’t wait to take me a flying mount.

I lost a thrall I was trying to place and started hovering over the floor could not place managed to place game froze she showed up days later

The thing that gets me is, im googling all the bugs that are giving me problems and 5-6 months ago the dev’s say they are looking into it, does it take 5 months to fix these issues like whats the problem here ~ps4

Oh and the bosses are way too easy im only lv 54 with only a legendary weapon high grade armor and the thralls just melt them. I’m getting legendary equipment like common items

The spectral guides that lead you Chest, full of false promises.

@Ignasi @Hugo

Setite cult helm has wrong stats or wrong flavor text. Or something.

The new thralls are tougher than we will ever be. Heavy armor and plenty of food for them equal dead boss as a pve player I love it.

The basic Setite Cult Helmet has +2 Encumbrance and +1 Survival. The Exceptional, Flawless, and all Epic variants have bonus Accuracy instead.

Probably the descriptions and basic helmet are wrong, as +3 on the basic helmet seems high.

Hello @Iswut, thank you for bringing these issues up.

We’re already aware of them as they’ve been previously reported, in the future please refrain from opening a post with multiple issues and keep it to one per post as long as there isn’t any active topic already available.

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