Bugs, Bugs, Bugs and Some Suggestions

Game mode: Singleplayer
Problem: Bug / Suggestions

  1. I can’t hit an enemy if they are underneath a tent i.e. the Black Galleon.
  2. Sound gets off when harvesting resources. It is delayed or doesn’t happen at times
  3. Can’t use warpaint even though it’s a journey step
  4. Knocked out enemies fall through the ground upon getting knocked out.
  5. Bearer Thralls cannot be used, unless I am misunderstanding their use. Can place them,but they can only follow and do not add weight to your inventory
  6. Thralls cannot be put back in inventory once they are placed. They can only be moved. Is that supposed to be a thing? Because it’s the worst when moving your base. While trying to move multiple Thralls at once it created another thrall out of thin air that isn’t actually there, there isn’t any way to remove it or access its inventory
  7. I receive the ‘Overencumbered’ message even when I’m not overencumbered

Other suggestions:

  1. Why’d you nerf bandages so hard??? Beating bosses is now near impossible when you’re playing alone.
  2. Agro range is too large, can’t sneak past anything.
  3. A few more feat points would be nice so that I can still have enough to use on non-essentials such as decorations. The number is great for multiplayer because you can share items, but single player life is rough.
  1. Yes, I can also confirm there are offbeat sounds during combat and harvesting.

  2. I am having trouble building due to placement issues with the foundations. It is hard to stack them and sometimes you can’t place foundations next to each other even though the terrain is viable.

  3. The weight icon in the encumbrance meter sometimes disappears.

  4. The rock’s hitboxes are a bit off when harvesting them, I hit them with the pick but don’t get any Stone

  5. Thralls cannot equip weapons.

  6. When modyfing the server settings while in game the changes will not save properly and it will reset when you exit the game.


Going to give the devs time to patch game before I play it anymore right now.

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I am having too much fun in singleplayer to stop playing but I really hope they release another patch soon.

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Same! It’s a great game, but still has a lot of issues. Spent nearly an hour trying to figure out how to place something until I realized it wasn’t supported correctly. Could use something that told me that in the first place

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