Two bugs I’m hoping will be fixed soon

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: bugs

These have probably been reported multitude of times but they are annoying,

First one is building my base I can’t have cellings or roofs over certain areas it states cannot have overlapping but nothing is underneath so I’ve built a layer higher and it still does it continuing upwards and further outwards like an invisible tree.

Second one is im face to face with a npc, they can hit me for damage but none of my attacks hit for damage even during full combo, had this a few times with various npcs, even had my weapon not active when it was selected, shield working but attacks not activating when pressing button (full stamina at the time) also

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For the first one, it is possible there is insufficient stability in that area you’re trying to place, it can be fixed by crafting pillars and placing those nearby, the higher the wall, the lower the ceiling/roof’s stability will be.

As for the second one, are these NPCs standing under a tent or shadecloth during battle but you’re not under it? This is a known bug, for some reason anyone under a tent or shadecloth won’t take damage in battle. The only solution I can give if this is the case is to lure them away from it.


If the npc you can not damage is under a tent/awning then try this: melee hit any wooden part of the tent then attack the npc.

if you have a T3 thrall with you they will normally be able to kill the NPC that you cannot damage while u circle the NPC drawing agro… ik it is fixing a bug with an exploit but until the patch drops i guess we do what we gots to do

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