Bug report thread [PC] [SP]

Game mode: Singleplayer
Problem: Bugs
Region: Sweden, Europe

  1. There are places that you are unable to build at. Some places correspond to places where there were NPC camps before. Could be that the “No build zone” hasnt been removed although the camps are.

  2. Add more.

  1. Planters play fire sound.
  1. Stacking from inventory to chest doesnt seem to work as perfectly as did before :slight_smile: Drag and drop is a sollution, and this is no biggie. But at least worth mentioning :slight_smile:
  1. Found out im not able to mine brimstone with the pickaxe. Could be a game design thing, but found it good to report it at least :slight_smile:
  1. It seems I cant damage human enemies that are under tent roofs. Sollution is to draw them out from the tents, but it makes thrall capturing a Little tideous from time to time.

Red shadecloth cannot be interacted with after being placed.

Crimson lotus flower cannot be ground in the grinder.

Weapon/shield racks do not work.

Icons put on the map cannot be deleted or changed.