Bugs with wings and bugs without. ^^

Game mode: [Singleplayer with a friend invited]
Problem: [Bug/Misc]
Region: [EU]

-Actually a few bugs ive encountered so far, crocodile on beach near sentinels, if we hit it we get bugged and cant mine, chop wood or pick things up. every action like that is impossible, after hitting that crocodile, this have been a problem over multiple logins.

-Followers run backwards when following us arround.

-Followers dont attack mobs before we’re near death (guess thats a bug?) also they dont really do anything, just follow once in a while and then dissapear then show up to follow again, the preformer buff dont work propperly (hp regen works about 1 outa 20 times, and entertainer buff dissapears when he turns his back on us/just way to

-Grass (and other nature things like bushes) going through buildings/foundation, i wouldve uploaded screenshots but since im a new user thats impossible.

-aggro range is way to big, im walking really far away and on top of a cliff, yet the mobs still aggro me from rediculus distances, even when its on the ground, it shouldent even be able to see me.

Really hope this can be fixed soon, coz its really slowing down the gameplay and taking the fun out of it.



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A good follower always covers your 6.

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