Few bugs, not gamebreaking, but annoying

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug,Misc
Server type:PvP, but probably evrywhere
Region: EU

there is several things
1, falling trought earth

its in celestial plaza next to water

2, unable to climb in jungle structures/falling down because space betwen structures, probably include all structures from jungle

horizonztal i come here trought wingow

3, water pass to another type is too ehm…

there are several places like that but i didnt took screenshots, its mostly around desert biome, idk about north

4,when player is inactive and base dissapear thralls stay on their places, wich cause weird encounters

at least they didnt try kill me even trought they are dancers wich attacks, also adds entertain
also all of those thralls i encountred were dancers so maybe its just in them

cant provide steps how get this problems, they just are
i dont want bother u with evrything, but i also dont want to blame u for not fixing bugs u dont know about

its rly big game, so its sure there be some bugs, u at least try to fix them, not w8 for unnoficial patch from players…

I have seen some animals up in the sky today, so it is a thing now.

Thank you for your input on these issues, we have informed the devteam.


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