[NA PC bugs and issues] 14 Day Nolife Here Are The 83 Bug Reports

Game mode: [Online | pve conflict ]
Problem: [Crashes yes | Bugs yes | Performance yes | Misc yes]
Region: [NA]

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  1. typing /global to get out of local chat occasionally doesn’t work

  2. choppy rubber banding combat/player movement/entering doorways/climbing

  3. journey task descriptions have such little detail they’re broken, for example: survive a sandstorm, which i have multiple times, without the sandstorm mask that is. Nowhere in the description does it say to wear one.

  4. map points of interests not unlocking on the map, only way to fix is to kill your character

  5. you can place foundations under dragons/world bosses while they chase you, they bug out, and you can attack without taking any damage

  6. (possibly fixed haven’t crashed within 2 days)
    game crashes way too often (from every 30 mins to every 4 hours)

  7. with every backspace or letter typed while editing an already existing phrase on a wooden sign post causes the location of where you are typing to reset and go to the end of the phrase. ex. backspace at edit location, back space again and you delete the last letter of the phrase instead of the letter before the edit

  8. corpse randomly doesn’t spawn and you lose everything especially when you die to a mammoth

  9. harvesting humanoids do not give bones

  10. occasional ability to run through my buildings/foundations and shot back when the game realizes you ran through a wall, with the inability to climb as you jump through what you are climbing, restarting the game 4 times does not fix this

  11. you cant place a black ice wall behind a black ice foundation, but you can place a black ice wall then a black ice foundation in front…

  12. occasionally throwing gas orbs do not work, i have restarted the game and it still does not work, i will be able to throw 4 orbs then after that i cant throw any more orbs not even a fire orb. massive waste of time and mats because of this bug.

  13. thralls are the most buggiest part of the game, if you manage to unbind your thrall while running him back to your wheel of pain, occasionally when you hit e to pick him back up he’ll fly up into the sky and he is forever gone. Or when you knockout an npc they will occasionally fall through the ground in which case that thrall is now forever gone.

  14. your thralls on top of foundations or ceilings will fall through them when you destroy a building structure near them and since you destroy building structures when you upgrade i assume upgrading will cause the same issue, i have lost many geared rangers because of this

  15. structures fall through ground when you adjust the height before placing

  16. some asteroids simply cannot be blown up

  17. climbing a ceiling and moving forwards instead moves you backwards

  18. screen occasionally starts flickering white when there are two furnaces running beside eachother, there is no fix only to turn one furnace off

  19. npc names don’t load if there are multiple near each other (why not add toggle all names option?)

  20. you cant split items while inside certain containers, campfire for example

  21. unable to remove map marks you made or edit the name

  22. animals like to skip around, especially hyenas

  23. your character likes to climb things horizontally and things that dont need to be climbed, like flat ground and wood fences

  24. if you hit e you don’t own, it will make play the you don’t own sound when you hit e on anything else after that the sound will continuously play for a short period of time

  25. inventory scroll bar doesn’t work when click dragging

  26. chat box scrolls to top on player death (hit page down to quick scroll to bottom)

  27. map room placement is buggy and requires unnecessary space as well as tier 3 wheel of pain

  28. take all from container auto stacks items, give all to container does not

  29. climbing into a door frame without stairs causes your character to rubber band back and fourth/fall back down to main floor when you already made it up

  30. eating food causes hp loss visual bug

  31. character randomly stops climbing

  32. character randomly starts climbing

  33. climbing animation is jittery and you get attacked by enemies not near you while climbing

  34. first spacebar hit occasionally stops working to cling onto a wall while falling

  35. cave points of interests take forever to unlock or they are bugged and don’t unlock

  36. unable to drop items from enemy corpse or chests must put in invy then drop

  37. chests occasionally stops spawning loot, destroy them may sometimes fix this

  38. combat thrall occasionally run to random spots for no apparent reason

  39. purge meter doesn’t load until you farm something

  40. dancer thrall has a bugged heal that will heal 1/3 of your health bar per tick and will happen during combat

  41. pickaxe doesn’t work on brimstone in shattered springs

  42. space bar loot all function while the loot screen is up often drops your first item in your inventory

  43. equipped items on hotkey bar cannot be unequipped unless they are deselected

  44. armor does not unequip while right clicking

  45. you often fall through elevator landings while the elevator is up

  46. thralls/all structures often overlapping with terrain while nothing is there even if placed on foundations and cannot be placed

  47. npc’s occasionally double spawn or stack on top of each other and get stuck

  48. barrow king and ice giants dont hit you because your character is too short

  49. dragging enhanced items from equipped slot to inventory causes the equipped slot to stay pink

  50. craft all spacebar option randomly doesn’t work, craft one then it will work again

  51. hitting a rock with a pick axe often doesn’t connect

  52. you cant alt move while placing a thrall (roll/hop)

  53. there is no thrall that gives flawless hyperborean armor

  54. truncheon occasionally does hp damage instead of the blue bar above

  55. if you hit split stack quick enough twice, it dosent split the stack twice, it splits once then moves back to the other stack

  56. explosive jar occasionally falls/flies somewhere when you ignite it

  57. some materials randomly disappear when put into container, (seeds and salt when put into campfire only happened 3 times they also reappear upon restart)

  58. having weapons on your hotkey bar and selected means you are “in combat” and cannot bandage until you deselect the weapons

  59. not all unlock-able items are displayed in the feats tab until they are discovered (every item recipe that requires discovery, silent legion armor/weapons, hyena armor etc)

  60. cannot use a door if a thrall or an enemy humanoid is near it

  61. climbing tree roots occasionally causes your character to spin around a few times

  62. mammoth tusks can attack through 2 foundations

  63. thralls don’t fight back when they are attacked by other monsters. mammoth for example

  64. obsidian forge has invisible lava outside of the forge on the left side that kills all when you run by it

  65. thralls like to unequip weapons and prefer to punch only way to fix is fill their inventory with stuff

  66. thralls randomly spawn items in their inventories called xx_unarmed left

  67. some archer thralls either have their bows despawn or the bow is turned invisible and only the arrow can be seen (inside equipment slot not character model) and cannot equip another weapon in that slot

  68. some thralls instantly and consistently unequip their weapon when dragging into equip slot

  69. purge spawns once, has a wave that insta dies then purge never spawns again, always at full bar

  70. there is no thrall slot in the obsidian forge to craft flawless obsidian items

  71. thralls not only fall through foundations, they also fall through game monuments like the bridge of the betrayer if placed on there

  72. blood border damage taken visual effect occasionally does not go away

  73. baga the fighter at mounds of the dead can be knocked out but cannot be bound has he still has talk options when you hit e

  74. wasd or crouch does not interrupt sleep/sit emote. the only way to escape it is alt roll/hop

  75. thralls occasionally do not move to where you move them to, they will either run back to their previous spot or their physical body will become invisible and the visual body will begin floating to their new location which would take about 5-10mins or until game restart

  76. afk motion screen and hidden ui is not interrupted when taking damage from hunger/thirst

  77. rhinos/mammoth/rocknose king occasionally fly upon death

  78. looking around will occasionally not be interrupted by objects (ability to see through walls/foundations/game monuments/everything except ground)

  79. some lotus’s cannot be farmed via sickle, they are just chopped down and render no loot

  80. xx_tusk_trohpy on the level 21 big game hunter decoration list

  81. regen from food cannot be started again until 3 seconds after the healing notification has disappeared

  82. the huntress bow says bonus survival on the in game item, yet it does not provide any

  83. decay time wont reset, i have foundations at 12 hours, 105 hours, 130 hours, altars and chests at 80 hours all within 8 squares of eachother

#15 Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. place two foundations stacked on top and a 3rd foundation beside the two stacked ones
  2. place a thrall on top of the two stacked foundations
  3. destroy the 3rd foundation you placed beside the two stacked ones
  4. your thrall is now inside the foundation

#19 Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. place two furnaces beside each-other and turn them on, if still no flicker place some ceiling hanging lights

Steps on how to reproduce the rest of the issues:

literally play the game for more than 10 hours, make a base with more than 20 thralls, play the game for a week, farm asteroids using gas orbs for a few hours all of these bugs will happen to anyone… all you need to do i put time into doing any of these things and you will come across them.

Additional possible updates & quality of life improvements:

you should not be able to build near legendary chests

there needs to be a quick dye option (apply to all/drag dye onto armor to apply)

npc steel bar droprate needs a nerf. humanoid npc’s have like a 80% chance of dropping steel and it can be from 4-15 bars. It takes 15mins to farm 200 steel at new asagarth playing solo, and takes over an hour to smelt, and thats not including the time it takes to get the brimstone and steelfire

you shouldn’t be able to roll/jump/hop/climb/swim while encumbered

breathing potion should provide defense against noxious gas

silent legion armor should take perfect heavy armor to craft just like every other epic armor
a salvage item system would be very useful for your old weapons/extras

stat bonus beside armor in feats menu section would be very helpful

mushrooms should be farm able via sickle

there need to be a quick craft option that loads items up that can be crafted depending on what you have in your inventory

crafting materials should be used as the que starts not as the item is finished

swimming is a free escape, you should be able to swing 1 hand weapons in the water/climbing, or have your character sink when they are out of stamina

there needs to be a legend with a map border for monsters levels and purge monster levels, so you know what your up against depending on where you build

walls with spikes should not be climbable to other players

daggers shouldn’t stunlock

points of interests should be greyed out and then white when unlocked instead of completely invisible (people just google the points anyways so there is no point to have them not visible, plus it would help out new players)

the game does not need to spam the player every 3 seconds that they are encumbered

placing walls auto side switching needs to be turned off and controlled by the user

summon a god should cost 5000 marks not 500, marks are way too easy to farm 500

time left on thrall crafting bar would be very helpful

gods are overpowered and honestly shouldn’t event be a part of the game

first bar at 75% purge meter needs a description when you put your cursor over it

recreate character needs a description

siege boulder should cost hardened brick not stone, the cost is way too cheap for raiding

combat thralls are too dumb, rangers not attacking with range/running against nothing and meele geting stuck on objects/hills

server connect ques would be nice

timestamps for buffs/food/water would be nice

thralls that dry would be nice

thralls that operate siege weapons would be nice. ex siege cauldron/trebuchet

thralls that farm would be nice

named combat thralls should give aoe stat bonus’s to other thralls

siege cauldron oil should be flammable

fire arrows should have dot effect

punji traps should be a thing also another use for spikes

dig able moats should be a thing

god items should have god effects, ex snakesbite - poison, foeshatter - freeze/slow, yog cleaver - bonus armor pen

ranged combat needs buff

if i find any more bugs i will add them and i will try to mark as fixed as updates roll out


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I agree to every word, this actually sums up every problem I lost too many thralla

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Thanks for the unofficial list! Unfortunately I have been victim of many of these bugs…

  1. Is somewhat intended. I can still take down a Kudu with 3 snake arrows at 0 accuracy, though attempting to use a bow on boss creatures is fruitless and a waste of time.

  2. (31) Is not a bug. What appears to be a loss in HP is actually a buff from the food that temporarily added more HP.

A few that are very present but not on the list:

  • Rhino/Elephant/Mammoth can force you through the map when they get on top and make you spawn at the starting place in the desert without dying.

  • Fish traps stop working after server restarts (or after short periods).

  • Wells run dry after a server restart (at least most on private servers).

  • Items will disappear after a server restart if they are placed on a foundation that was sandstone and gets upgraded to another tier. Not a guarantee you lose everything, it’s very random and very game breaking to lose chests laden with valuable rare materials and t4 thralls.

( i typed in 31 and it keeps coming up 6… The 2nd critique is for #31 on your list lol)


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@Shadoza Wrapped into? all of the non bugs are at the bottom with their own section and title. The devs obviously aren’t going to add something they don’t want to

thanks ill edit them out

but i must ask why do you think:

a breathing potion should not provide defense against noxious gas as it is a potion for breathing and a mask that only covers your face provides full protection from the gas?

silent legion armor should not take perfect heavy armor to craft just like every other epic armor as it is one of the best armors in game and costs the cheapest out of that tier?

unable to drop items from enemy corpse or chests must put in invy then drop is not a bug?

you should be able to roll/jump/hop/climb/swim while encumbered but cant run?

a journey task that says “survive a sandstorm” and you go out there and stand in a sandstorm and survive it without a mask on and the task does not unlock is not a bug? As you clearly did what it stated.

Now, for ranged combat being usless i understand that’s subjective depending on how your play style is. But if you were one of those ranged only kind of people and want to play a game in a medevil era where a bow could be your main weapon and a sword can be your secondary im sure you’ll be highly disappointed.

Most of what you pointed out are just things in the game that make such little sense they should be fixed.
I cant see anyone disagreeing with them.

@Shadoza thanks for the feedback, the post was edited.