Bug fixing status?

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Okay, there are several bugs that I’d really like to know the status of, since you weren’t kind enough to include them in the stickied topic.

  1. Thralls in the air
    You technically patched this one, except the patch ain’t fixed nada. Did you forget about it already? Oh, also, could you make it so the thralls, and pets while you’re at it, decay just as well as buildings?

  2. Thralls disappearing on elevator, and really anywhere else.
    Okay, this one guy has that idea about two states that thralls can be in. I’m gonna give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you don’t know what he’s talking about, because otherwise I’d expect you to be able to narrow down why that happens and have it fixed by now.

  3. Well of Skelos doors don’t work properly
    in a youtube walkthrough that I watched, a guy just walked through a wall, showing what to do in case the door gets bugged. You pathced the wall, but the door still bugs out.

  4. Okay, this is more about performance, but the abysmal remnant sometimes doesn’t show up when it jumps out. That might just be caused because you cheaped out on servers, so can someone playing on a private server or singleplayer confirm if that is the case?

  5. Walls spawn after the player spawns. Now usually I got dragged back to whatever floor or wall would’ve blocked me, but not always. It’s possible to just walk through players’ walls with enough persistence. Can you delay the player character spawning for after the buildings spawn?

  6. Numbing wraps, unlike healing wraps, immediately stop healing and go to waste if you use them with a weapon drawn, instead of showing a message that you can’t use them, like healing wraps do.

  7. No full shelter/vulnerability to sandstorms inside buildings
    You should redefine whatever stand for enclosed space inside your code, because it’s kinda dumb to get killed by a sandstorm while inside a building

Both screenshots taken in the same place just to prove I was surrounded with walls.

Honestly, I feel like you guys maybe bit off a little more than you can chew with this game, and you are a little overwhelmed. But I think I speak for at least the sane part of the playerbase when I say some bugfixes are more important than feeding thralls and pets. And if at least all of your QA isn’t on pinpointing those bugs at the moment, it should be. If it is, you have nobody to test pets and all the other stuff you wanna introduce.
I know I basically killed all chances of any official response writing this, because saying things are anything but sunshine and rainbows are haram for employees, I understand. But you can pretend I didn’t write anything but asking for some bug reports, like I wasn’t condescending in the slightest, and I was as nice as could be, alright? You have little trouble pretending everything is fine with your game, so you should have tons of practice.
There should be more bugs, with minor stuff and graphical glitches, but I didn’t want to put too much on your plate, aight?

Honestly, sorry for being snarky and all. I want to like this game, I put a lot of time into it, and I love the formula, and the setting. That’s why I’m getting emotional in my posts. But so far I have zero confidence in your skills as developers, where you either ignore bug reports, or put out patches that fix literally zero percent of what they claim to fix. You probably can’t even say you understand my point of view here, since it would be crime against corporate all the same. So, you know, just maybe try to put one one patch that will actually have some decent bug fixes this year maybe, and show me that you can actually fix this game, and we’ll all be happy, alright?


You could at least pretend you care and put just one of those bugs on your issues list, maybe?

It’s funcom. It’s sad but true that they really don’t care


You might also add the persistent physics bug that occurs when you start using Lesser and Greater Wheels of Pain (it messes up body physics, moves the camera to a point where you can see the inside of the your body, changes your swim style from freestyle to breast-stroke, and also prevents you from aiming downward with Hatchets /basically you are unable to hit anything that has a low and flat hitbox, e.g. crocodiles, dead kudos, etc.)

The only way to fix this issue is to die. When you kill yourself and respawn, the physics will start working again until you log out and close the game. When you log in next time, you’ll need to get suicidal again to fix it (very rarely, fast travel also fixes this problem).

The sandstorm one:

It’s “Because windows” basically. Hopefully we’ll actually be able to make glass windows at some point to patch that up…

That is absolutely not the case. Please see my post here, and my description of the issue along with a screenshot.

I build with zero windows, ever. I often build in layers when I have materials to do so. Even when I don’t have materials, I still build in layers. In the example below, I am totally enclosed on all four sides by at least 2+ wall layers and 1(+) foundation layers. Above my head is another floor, both floors consisting of one layer of ceiling tiles and one layer of foundation blocks on top of those ceiling tiles. I assure you - the exposure issue is not “because windows.” At a minimum, if a window wall is to let outside elements in, it should only do so for the immediate block adjacent to the window. And even then, it should probably be the 90% shelter (icon with no peak), not less than that.


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I built a 3 x 3 block house. There is a place inside the house where there is NO shelter at all. It should not happen regardless of the number of windows used.

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The VERY first one on your post…Seriously? They have responded to this bug via thrall feeding, and you even talked about it in your giant toxic paragraph of complaint.

  1. Thrall feeding and pet feeding requirements will make floating Thralls despawn when not kept up. They have a 7 day timer in which they will starve. Joel, in his Firespark’s interview less then a week ago, which was posted everywhere (I know because I posted it to all 3 major forums, along with several others), talked about why making it so Thralls be on their own decay timer (rather then being fed) wasn’t possible.

  2. Uh, what?

Okay, this one guy has that idea about two states that thralls can be in

What one guy???

  1. Cool, you found a bug. How about you link it since you watched it? Unless you expect Funcom to spend their man hours scouring the internet for it.

  2. Rolls eyes

  3. Stopped here after I read your giant paragraph where I don’t see the point in trying to help somebody who is so intolerably toxic. You can post bug reports and be helpful without being a jerk about it.

It’s too bad too, other then failing to link some of the things you were talking about, and being an utter helpless case of toxicity, you showed that you could have been helpful by providing detailed bug reports here. Your post would have 1000% more helpful if you just took out the insults, and kept going with your list that you claim to have “but didn’t want to put too much on their plate.” Not going to bother spending another second here, anything I post proving Funcom isn’t lazy and they do care (they freaken do care, a lot), you will just brush off since I’m not part of the “sane” squad.

some of those bugs are reported already.

lets add the purges that are BROKEN…

there IS NOTHING TOXIC about the OP.



Bugs Fixed - 0
Bugs Created - 1000
Just wait for next patch :smiley:


I wouldn`t say 1000 as that is a pretty silly number to be honest.

bug fixing? there are no bugs to fix… the game is working as intended , haha.


Go on, do show me how they care
No, really. I’d like to know. They’re addressing those bugs, right? They added them to the sticky? They’re working on fixing purges? If you say they care, that just means they’re incompetent

Fair enough, number 1 is being worked on. What about the others?


I want to flame you for the comment… but then i saw your profile portrait and i could not get my self to do it :hugs:

That is a cute animal… haha…

I hope that most of this is fixed on the test server :smiley:

Seilus makes a good point. Their (public) bug list on this forum isn’t exactly exhaustive, to put it politely.

Feel free to watch the community dev stream where they talk about the Purge status (from today). Other then that, not worth my time to go into further detail. Nothing I say will change your mind. Either you will brush it off as a lie or false info, or you will just make further petty insults about their work. Why bother.

Hi Multigun, What is wrong with this OP? There is nothing toxic about it. Let me ask you this, if the OP has no valid points, can you tell us why this game sold 1.5 Million copies and only 5-7k players are playing the game 4 months after release? Oh so they talked about purges in the stream? lol, you are funny, I rather would have them fixed the purge instead of adding useless pets. Oh right, it was only 1 developer doing the pets… ROFL What have the other developers been doing? They also promoted going on testlive in that same stream, yet the testlive servers have not been restarted for more than 1 week and are completely unplayable, go figure…

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You guys have an awesome echo chamber going on here. Should just start a fan club or something.

You watched the stream? Wow that’s exciting. My reference to the stream is that they addressed the concerns and how the purge is high on their priority list and that they are working on it. Would you like them to hand deliver a cookie to you too since them actively working on it isn’t enough for you? Or how about Joel, the Creative Director for Conan Exiles (IE, high up in the food chain) explaining that a single person worked on the pet feature while every, single, other, coder, has been at work on bug fixing.

Also, did you know they talked about why they didn’t restart the servers in the same stream you are referring to? I mean, they DIRECTLY addressed this. They gave an actual technical reason for not shutting off the servers. And no, I’m not going to tell you why, since you should know, you just told me you watched it.

None of what I just said will impact any of the anti-Funcom squad in here. What so ever. No, I’m sure my next notification will be another insult thrown my way. I can link you quotes and newsletters and anything else to show you what Funcom has direclty said. But if you think they are full of lies, incompetent, lazy, dumb, and any other petty insults you will undoubtedly continue to spew fourth, then nothing I provide with information matters because you don’t believe it anyway.

Do what’s best for yourself, and exit stage right. I find it hard to believe that you consider trolling the forums of a game and company you hate as fun.

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Joel said one CODER (that are the guys which bugs fixen) did worked on the pet system, not only one developer. :slight_smile: