Bug fixing status?

Right… it was 1 CODER, not 1 developer… my bad… Silly me… confusing those two…

Sorry to have your hopes squashed, but no. Please hop on the testlive servers, there are not many fixes, there is mainly new stuff with new problems.


Of course, we’re trolls and have an echo chamber.
The game is perfectly playable, everything is going well. Hardly any bugs, large playerbase, everything is going well.

I’d say you’re the one who’s trolling. See, there’s no evidence whatsoever to support what you said. Because there are no fixes, no patches to counter the bugs. I don’t even give a crap about them talking about it.
I want them to fix the damn game. Until they do, you can’t change my mind on Funcom. My mind will not be changed with your words. I need evidence.


Well… I can confirm…

If we had more restarts on testlive, there’d be ways to test things like the wells not refilling. But that seems to be a person to person bug instead, and not all fixes can be confirmed with the small group of people that do play testlive.

At least thralls will get “Nuked from the Sky”, because I’m sure that they’re the main cause of server degradation… :roll_eyes:

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