Update on Current State of the Game

I’ve been wanting to give the game another go after being put off by the many bugs on release. Over the last 3 weeks, I’ve given it a solid go and here is what I have found.

Server Issues
These remain. Rubberbanding, non-responsive thralls, teleporting mobs and server crashes persist. Players still die to lag spikes. Maybe some improvement on this score. These problems are not constant and they have increased server populations.

Thralls Falling into Foundations
This has not been fixed. Super irritating bug. Once the thralls are in your foundations, they prevent you from replacing or moving nearby thralls, so you have to choose between pulling up your foundations and not being able to upgrade your base. This happens more frequently as your base becomes larger. There are some tricks to resolve this, but sometimes they don’t work.

The Map Marker Limit
There is still a limit to the number of markers you can add to your map, and on the pc, there is a bug that prevents you from removing old markers. Someone has come up with a clever way to remove markers, but the limit remains.

Furnaces, Wheels, Stopping
Think this might be due to server crashes, but often you return to a furnace or wheel and find it stopped part way through for no reason.

Unable to Hit Archers just after they Equip their Bows
There is a moment after an archer thrall re-equips their bow when they cannot be hit head on.

The Take-All Bug
If you hit Take All (eg. when emptying a fish trap), the Take All button becomes a Drop button and the first item in your inventory is targetted. So, if you try to take all again (eg on the next fish trap), you drop your first item.

Over the 3 weeks I received a number of purge messages in the event log but only one actually occurred from what I can tell. There no longer seems to be a screen message when a purge is occuring.

Most of these were known issues a year ago.

In addition, t4 crafting thralls are much rarer. I saw one in 3 weeks. So, good luck catching up with the long timers on the server!


Check testlive notes.

Much rarer since when? It’s been about the same since about July, other then changes to places like Votaries who went to 100% to what the rest of the map was. I agree that they are too low (especially for solo players) and it’s why I make mods for a bump in their percentages, but they haven’t changed much in a long time.

Interesting. Funcom asks that instead of lists, that each individual bug report be made into a separate post so it’s easier to track and gather community information on. Could you do so with this?

I would be interested in hearing about the tricks. This a known bug (it was I believe actually patched at one point, can’t remember), and there is a recent thread floating around. But anyways, it could be helpful to the community to try these or helpul to the developers to know more.

So far the feedback from that I’ve has been promising with regards to the several performance improvements and tweaks done. It will be interesting to see if this also helps server performance related things (like less demands on the server with regards to how buildings load).

I think this related to the one on trello now that’s going through development. Not sure.


I’ve dealt with this on and off, but not during the last many weeks of TestLive.*

Interesting. I will look for this on TestLive.

*workaround: My general rule is to leave the area (run unobstructed for 30 secs in one direction if unsure) and return to where the thrall went missing. Hover your pointer in the “waist” area of the suspect block and try to retrieve the thrall. It helps if you can get below the block, or be in line with the place where the thrall has been “absorbed.” Once retrieved, always place this thrall on solid soil until you can leave and return, or until the server is rebooted.

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Thralls in the foundations workarounds.

  1. Relog. Sometimes they reappear where they are supposed to be.
  2. Try and target them in the foundation where they have fallen. Sometimes this works, sometimes you can only target the foundation.
  3. If a portion of the thrall protrudes from the foundation, hit it. It may move allowing you to target it.
  4. Hit another nearby thrall. The stuck thrall may come to its aid.

This is my first time playing since launch, so I’m comparing with then.

Don’t think I will give it another shot, but who knows. Most of the above have been talked to death on these forums since launch with no real result, so no real reason to expect improvement now.

The current state of the game, everyone I know uses spears and i’m tired of seeing spears. We have a whole arsenal of weapons but everyone wants the long pokey stick.

Do I use said pokey boi, no. I throw axes; why? Because f*** your spears, i’ll show you what reach really is…

Also f*** reduced friendly fire damage and f*** losing more stamina per impact (the more targets you hit with a single attack, the more stamina you lose).


I agree that stamina loss should be per swing not per hit.

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Mhmm, even if it was just reduced damage per hit, i’d be fine with that but reduced stamina per hit is a punishment for attacking/defending yourself.

Sure glad Ive not been plagued with all these, tho have seen a few.

Named thralls are easy to get, we have cupboards full of them.

im so afraid that the patch for Monday (if it will not be delay like normal :slight_smile: ) will fix nothing and it will add up to our problem :frowning: If that is the case then majority of pvp will just quit.
As for new weapons till they do not fix the spear mini stun there is no logical and practical way to use other weapon ( you must have 0 IQ not to take advantage of this spear PVE or PVP)

Are you talking about the spear changes?

Wait nvm i’m blind.

spear did not change :slight_smile: the developers understand wrong :slight_smile: not the damage is the problem :)) They just change the damage :)) The problem with that weapon is that every heavy attack ( it the fast heavy attack of all weapons) Blocks you dos not let you retaliate or roll out. The problem is i can keep you in my heavy attack till you die only with heavy attack and you canto do nothing, when you try to block or move i will hit you with my spear and cancel all your action, this is the problem with that weapon, apparently no one from funcom has made a proper test in pvp

Personally I wish spears had the current changes coming but also only staggered and bled on the 4th power attack.

This would essentially make it a weak weapon that’s only good in coordinated group combat for poking players to death and it’d still have all it’s strengths but only if you had the numbers to leverage it.

What you’d find is a significant drop in spear use for PvP with it still being rather effective for PvE but also a significant increase in the use of different builds.

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In pvp we do not use the 4th power attack that takes to much stamina and animation is longer

try what i tell you with npc and you can see if you time your shoots they cant hit you :). It dos not matter if the spear has 10 damage or 1000 all you need is that mini stun or how do you want to call it (sorry bad english)

Exactly, this is what i mean by leveraging numbers. Players would have to coordinate better and encircle users.

But npc’s are slow, this would essentially make it a PvE weapon unless used in a highly coordinated setting where it could be very dangerous.

Players in pvp coordinate mate ! You will attack one buy one same target till he dies :slight_smile: when you run out of stamina you step back and your mate takes the target, jut need to practice. They need to take off that negative effect of the spear

Trust me, if you move the stagger to a later attack in the combo it would solve a lot of the problems with spears and still let them be effective without making them useless. Even having it with the stagger on 3 and bleed 4 would be a godsend for weapon diversity.

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Time will tell my friend. I do hope for the best but history of funcom teach me to think this way :slight_smile:

Out of curiosity, does a spear have a lower err, brain freeze… a lower thing…

Like it’s a stick with a sharp point right…
So a two handed or broadsword should shatter that baby…

Spears have two modes, pokem with it (right click) AOE sweep (Left click)

Prefer Katana, Mrs Jones uses a spear…

The spear won’t be the problem in the future patch. The new weapons are OP.