List of bugs after the patch... add to it as found


  1. Can no longer close open npc loot box by hitting E key a second time, must use Escape - Still works for normal storage boxes you own.

  2. Can no longer move a thrall from one slot in the wheel of pain to another slot in the wheel, get the destroy warning.

  3. Steel Arrows now have the same icon as razor arrows.

  1. Ping requirement met, yet get a pop up message during loading screen that your ping is too high.
    Trapped in the loading screen, only option is to kill game in taskmanager.
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  1. Let us pickup the altars like the maproom. Set still fks up and moves ahead alot on 3rd tier. Bug has been around since game was released. Just let us pick that damn thing up and place it again.
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After receiving"Ping too high" message games stays on loading screen, ESC key does nothing, cannot go back to the server menu, have to ALT CTRL DEL out, crash the game and try again.

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Still haven’t fixed the dalinsia cloning facility at the mound of the dead.
I encountered 6 on my first run though plus 1 at star gazers crest.

Good to see the volcano spawns back though.

Clearing construction placement through right click now enters combat mode instead of just clearing.


Crashing to “Fatal Error” after about 1 minute online on my server.

Official PvP #1104

After redesign of arrows and bows, one dragon bone arrow is still made of one bone, two bones and 5 feathers (1 bone, 2 feathers with T4 carpenter). This arrow is still ridiculously expensive compared to the other top tier arrows. Please, make it atleast 5 arrows per crafting to be of any use.

Since update I am expriencing frequent lag/stutter while playing at any given spot on the map.


The purge spawns ontop of our house. Our house is over a small pond

Getting crashes whenever I try to ‘move/guard’ any thrall.

Single-player (local), heavily modded.

Yes, happens to me too. And deleting a floor tile under the cursor deleted floor tiles 2 blocks away. I’ve never seen so many problems in patching in all my years of gaming. Definitely still in Beta. This is my opinion, it is true for me. It does not break any rules. If it bothers any of you, too bad bucko!


If there’s no accessible path or blocks to your base that can happen.

Hmm, crashing when moving items also. Well, this is unplayable for me for the time being.

Hopefully it’s just the result of one (or more) of my mods needing updating. Could just as easily be another funcom introduced issue for all I know. Will give it a few days for things to settle down.

Single Player

pick, axe, etc, not hitting targets that are below waist level. Having to either crouch while striking, or move the character to a lower position. Pick used to work, even while standing on the target. Axe was often more finicky but managable. now both are difficult to use.

and make it a bit smaller while your at it…

Test by deactivating all mods and then starting game to see. If it does not crash then it is likely a mod. This is always a thing with mods. Popular mods are usually updated soon after patches. Escalate to the Mod Author.

archers jump off walls! had several dive off into palisades, spikes. Adding crenalated walls i still got 3 jumping off?!?!?!!??

Im not getting EXP from crafting anymore (Tried both hotbar crafting and inventory crafting)

Same here. Looks like, they try to draw closer to the enemies if the are not in sight to shoot them.
They do not jump, if it is to high (3 levels above ground).

Dead enemies are not always where shown on-screen. I can open the lootbox and interact, but cannot close it with “E”, similar to opening a container at max distance. Hitting “Escape” works, but is cumbersome.

It seems to be more prevalent when the NPC is killed when moving, but I have experienced it when both of us were stationary.

This is new from this patch: yesterday there was no problem.

PC, single player, no mods.