2.3 bugs so far

So far we are experiencing a delay between actions and effect.
I try to place a building piece and it has a delay before it shows and even longer before it places. Workbenches have a delay when your trying to place items into or remove from their inventory.

Eu full nudity is not longer available.

Gportal and server settings not syncing.

Ginger hair is now a muted blone with no colour distinction which really breaks the immersion for some of my roleplay players.
Any chance of hair dye options?

Character display for female had a male modle overlay.

Bit of a random one but noticed xx_crossbow now missing from the admin panel :sob: wanted one for displaying lol.

Healing bug, use aloe extracts and it goes through the animation but does not heal.

Loading times have been dramatically long especially when you die players report being stuck in infinite loading screens.

Falling through building pieces has been very prevalent since the patch moreso then before.

G10/9 enemies spawn in abundance.

Private servers crashing as soon as there is any PVP happening especially when poison gas or acid arrows are used making raid camps and pvp events almost impossible.

Building mechanism not syncing/working properly.

Garason armour bench causing screen shaking when going through the crafting list.

These are juat a few we have noticed so far. I will update further once the rest of our admin team has downloaded the game and been able to test things out.

On a side note is there anyway we can have a pre order of siptah that allows us to unlock the building and rhinos in base game at least???


Things I have found.

  • Casting table-coin mold gets allocated to making coins and prevents mass coin manufacturing from precious metal bars (must do one at a time)

  • Garrison Armor Bench-Inventory areas are not standardized in a screen location and as you move through the bench inventory, the other inventory spots shift back and forth

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I found that the random stability loss bug keep happening after update in offline gaming.

Building Stability loss Offline after 2.3 patch


We have now started experiencing the most bizarre phenomenon in the game to date!

In the Highlands G9 we have a random spawn of everything in game, bosses, animals, undead the lot it is insane and in my entire time playing this game (since day 1 ps4) I have never seen this. Please fix this ASAP its insane



Thats default reset spot for things the go wacky so to speak. Good place check of lost thralls/pets that fall thru map etc… or get easy boss loot. XD


@Vampira246 Is this happening on an official server?

I play on an official pve server,
I am really not a fan of this update of the changes made, but especially what makes the game unplayable the deconection due to the application errors on ps4 it is 3 times more present than before, and also the character and all the time blur these frustrating,
please fix this !

Embrace chaos. Stare back at the abyss and wink at it.

I can’t walk through my base without falling through tiles. It is so, so bad. It was always a problem but now it’s even worse.


Private server and yes I know the odd thrall or noc spawns here but this time its insane the amount thats spawning the admin tested it tried to hit a boss and some dragons in the unnamed city ended up with 2 dragons spawn here, a Wight and then some how the boss black spider too the admins said he hit them once and they vanished only to appear here

OMG I have been wondering what the heck is that for nearly a year. Never seen anything come through but definitely noticed the rip in reality in the sky. I just assumed it was something they planned on but never committed.

Yep. What you’re experiencing is this PC bug, but now it’s on consoles too:


Hey Vampira246,

Regarding nudity, see the reply below:


This. It was fine for awhile and then boom, down to the knees in the ground or flying above stairs.

How cute!:joy: Meanwhile every PvE-C server is shut down since monday… well except one. I think I win, or lose, depends how you look at life.

P.s. that spawn bug looks insane🙃

I can confirm Australia has also lost nudity and Red hair, which takes a lot of joy from the game. I play Offline Solo & Co-op and am experiencing most, if not all of the same issues. Plus, Stamina is a joke! I mostly build and explore, no interest in combat, so prefer to get it over with ASAP. As it stands, it’s hard to get anything done due to fights being eternal. I’m out until the next attempt at fixing, but genuinely hope it gets fixed soon!

So the server I play on has had issues with stamina, health not regenerating at all, falling through floors worse than before, resources respawing in bases, building pieces not snapping into place where you are pointing, things not aligning with ground even though on foundations. These are all issues that multiple people are having on the server, talked with owner who has tried to fix all of it, and its nothing on their end.

I’m sorry to hear your pvec is down my server has experienced some server issues but thankfully our pcec has not disappeared but the players purges are spawning in very random places including inside the sinkhole, also unconscious npcs no longer teleport when using a map room with them on the rope.

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Thanks, I wish it was just mine, but every EU, and US pve-c server is down. Alongside every Asian server.

The issues you are describing deserve their own thread. Also you should probably tag Community within that thread.

Also I don’t know if the post above by @CodeMage went unnoticed but it makes for unpleasant reading. It seems PC has suffered from the 0,0 spawn issue since September.

I think this is a visual bug, if you continue (without climbing) towards the wheel of pain, and interact do you still lose the thrall?

I noticed recently that you rarely see the bindings stretched across the map anymore, however the npc is still attached.

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