Full Nudity in german game

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Region: [Germany]

Since the update i’ll be missing the full nudity in german version. Max. partially available,
was that changed on purpose?

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There are two locations for the setting. One overrides the other. You’ll need double check Server Setting, then your own setting to make sure they match.

Hopfully its not untended change.

Both settings are only partially, no full available. But in Gportal settings my dedicated server is set to full.

I can also confirm that fully nudity has been patched out. I also have the German version (on disc) and can only select partial or none in nudity settings (main menu or server settings).

This is unfortunate. I wonder if this effects all of European versions. Perhaps Funcom used the same code from the US version to update all versions. Typically they’re separate. I would love to have an official response about this.

I also confirm the same issue on an european version, not Germany though.
Only options are None or Partial, third option has disappeared even though there’s a side note in Main Menu settings saying “Maximum allowed on server: Full Nudity”.
I think this has happened before on a previous patch.

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If this has happened before then I suspect an upcoming hotfix will fix this. I just hope it happens soon… Though with the current pace of consoles updates I’m not optimistic.

This is such a bummer. I was excited to try new features but this kills my naturist roleplaying. Well… guess I’ll just keep on waiting…before I start playing again.

Also anyone else notice their character’s face change? The new vanity table helps revert it, but I imagine it’s much more annoying for those who can’t spawn one in (i.e. playing on an online server without admin privileges).

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No face change, but I’m pretty sure some of my thralls have different hair colors, not problematic in my opinion.

I agree, black hair on my character looks like grey

Is there a way to report the problem and get an official response?

Isn’t this an official forum and an official bug report?

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Same in Australia we rocking butt flaps as well. Has to be unintentional change.

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Amen same in AU better not be on purpose. Im sick of companies ■■■■■■■■ us give us our full nudity back 7+ months of nothing and a 80+ gig update breaks the game WTF. Trying to report it but there is no report bug PS4 option.

Hey all,

Disabling nudity in regions where it was unlocked before the update is not an intentional change. We’ve sent your feedback to our team and it’s being looked into.

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention.


Excellent news bring back the cheeks :joy:


As well as losing the Full nudity option entirely, everyone’s hair is paler, the FMV at the start freezes at the same place everytime, all my settings were lost and the game STILL freezes for no good reason. On top of which, somehow my PS4 seems to think I’m underage and won’t play age restricted videos!? Perhaps the update altered something here so nudity doesn’t show as an option? I’m at loss for reasonable explanations.

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Yep, my UK disc no longer has the option. That is not why I bought it.


Also in Italy there is this problem (though I guess I’m playing on a German server: the official 3048).

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Just, you know, please don’t take 8 more months to fix this…


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