No more full nudity after patch 2.3 on Ps4

Game mode: Online,official server
Problem: Bug
Region: Europe

There is no more full nudity option after the patch,it’s a bug or an official change of the policy?


" Those are exactly my sentimonies!"

There another thread pointing it out.

Its NOT in patch notes, so likely unattended change that they will need hotfix. (supposedly its happen before… can’t remember myself)

It’ll ether get hot fixed or take them 6months. XD HA HA!


Why has full nudity been removed??? Like seriously why?

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Same here. Full Nudity is option is gone from ps4 version. Is it a Sony thing or just a mistake ?

We’ll never know.

I think this has happened before.
Likely a wibble, NA Sony has never allowed full nudity (evidently us 'Murikans can’t be allowed to see reproductive bits, gotta protect muh freedom with childish censorship) and sometimes the simultaneous certification process can cause updates to all follow the most restrictive of standards.

This is also happening on single-player as well. The faces have changed and we are missing new hair styles, if they came out with this update, and faces.

Funcom have acknowledged the issue:


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