European PS4 full nudity option removal

Game mode: (Online official | Online private | Single-player | Co-op)]*
Type of issue: *[Performance | Other ]
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Region: UK
Hardware: [ PS4 ]

Bug Description: removal of full nudity Options under settings menu

A clear and concise description of what the bug is.

*** the European version is supposed to have three settings under nudity options , none, partial and full every since the last patch the full nudity option has been renewed from All European and JP addition people pay large amounts of money 4 European and JP version of Conan Exiles to have all options every since the last patch that option has been removed regardless of what region we own this game and that is not fair for those of us who do not have to worry about the censorship that was wrong of funcom and Conan exiles to remove these options knowing people pay extra money for full action and they remove it anyway

Expected Behavior: to have the full menu restored to be able to use the full nudity option

A clear and concise description of what you expected to happen. we want the full nudity option back we want what we paid for

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Been posted about frequently and replied to many times by funcom. It was not intentional and is being fixed. No eta as to when but.

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I just received the UK version of Conan on disc for full nudity just to find that the update takes that away when is that getting fix?

Soon™ :wink:

I think I saw in one of these threads a mention of it being planned for the next big patch or the one after. I’m not 100% on that though. Bottom line, it’s a bug, they are very well aware of it, but it’s not high priority so it may take some time yet.

It is getting annoying to wait. Specially since this and a number of additional issues were reported day one of the Siptah patch and again in the hot-fix patch. I’ve stopped playing altogether tbh. This issue not being the cause per se, but just the aggregate of every single thing that has gone wrong has been enough to tempt me into uninstalling the game altogether. How they could release something so busted on a console this old is beyond belief. Their opaqueness on this issue is also discouraging.


2.4.6, the next update, Will fix it


Is there any time frame of when that update will be released

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Soon, It went live for Xbox and PC, PS4 is little bit behind.

Thou, Havn’t even checked parch notes myself to see if it was fixed… so lol


Wow we are still waiting for the game system to be fixed on PS4 European I. I have not seen any update supposed to be fixed. I wonder if they’re ever going to add the full menu back I mean that’s why we bought the European version


Guys dont be so naive, full nudity was removed by order from Playstation as censorship, thats why its taking so long, because it wont come back.
In PC no problem but the playsastion guys have always been against full nudity.
If you dont beleive me just wait and see.

I doubt it, since Euro region doesn’t really care all that much.

If we were talking NA version (which didn’t have it in 1st place) And topless isn’t really a issue.

Thou… I made joke about it before, cause “it’ll be in next patch” and here we are… still waiting…
Pirates came and went… and somehow it didnt get fixed, lol.

No it hasn’t returned simply because the update hasn’t arrived yet. Let’s not say things based on nothing before the update

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