Missing Nudity in Australia Version with Patch update

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Missing Nudity|
Region: Australia

Full Nudity in Australia game
Conan Exiles is missing.

I have checked settings in both areas. Main screen and server. Only partial and none are the options. Was working prior to patch.

Will this be fixed as unnecessary censorship is not good. Would like to play the game as it was intended.


Another thread pointing it out as well (2 others anyway)


I saw people complaining about the German copy. So I added it’s affected the Australian copy. Hopefully gets fixed or they add a nudity dlc like what’s on Xbox. Add it to specific region stores to correct it.

I hate unnecessary censorship just out of principle. If it wasn’t a option i would not care. But it was.

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Hey Bassman,

See the reply below:


Soy usuario de ps4 España suelo jugar en modo un jugador offline y aqui tenemos el mismo problema la desnudez maxima ha desaparecido

Nudity issue can be fixed by admin by going into server settings whilst in game.

No, it can’t. Both settings and server admin settings only have options for partial.

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Odd. I’ve got full nudity on mine (fixed via admin as per my earlier post). I’m running the Australian version.

Same problem here. The option for ‘Full’ is not even there in the drop down. It no longer exists.

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So Isle of Siptah is out now. Been weeks since o posted this and this issue is not fixed. Is it even being looked at. What has caused it to happen in the updates. It appears a ps4 issue only. Has Sony censored the game. If not when is it being fixed. I refuse like many others to even buy the update until this is resolved.

Ppl relax a quick look through the forums would tell you that the fix for this is coming with the first post Siptah Hotfix.

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