Full nudity PS4 (EU)

Full nudity is still broken for Conan Exiles EU version, is there any way to solve this problem?

Only when funcom decides to fix it.

I’ve been writing this on many other posts.

Its time for refunds. If funcom wont fix why should we support.

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Refunds for a lack of dongs and clams…. Cmon bro it’s not something that affects gameplay. Paint a dong on a set of glasses and wear them while you play :joy::joy:


I tried that once… Really scared people in public.
Fun fact they WILL throw you out of Kmart.


It will probably take months or not get fixed at all. It’s already been 1 month…

Didn’t realize that there were any Kmart,s left!


They must have taken a shine to Australia sestus2009, because believe it or not the sods are thriving here, even putting many of the rival department stores to the sword.


I just Googled said not one within a hundred miles. Must be regional. Disappeared years ago in my area.

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It affects gameplay as much as any graphics affects gameplay. Would you agree to play this game without textures whatsoever? Textures don’t affect gameplay. Nudity adds a lot to the immersion, and it is understandable that some players care about immersion and even don’t want to play the game if they can’t fully immers themselves into it.


So I’m guessing creating a custom server and then fixing the nudity settings in game as admin doesn’t work on Playstation?

No textures at all is not in any way comparable to no dongs dude :man_facepalming: I get the immersion thing but it shouldn’t be game breaking and if it is I think ppl need to question their needs just a little.

If you don’t like the nudity there is an option for you to disable, we want it.

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I love it it’s just not something I can fathom as being game breaking. I’m not saying it’s not game breaking for you :man_shrugging: Just not for me.

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Exactly. What we are trying to say is that the nudity one is a bug to be fixed(I personally have the full nudity set to on also), but I think that thrall not attacking, delving bench not working, texture loading that takes hours, seconds of delay in audio and other stuff should have the precedence in my opinion. And I highlight MY OPINION, because last answer was flagged, probably because if someone opinion is different it do not deserve to be posted.


The thing is I will never learn about thralls not attacking, delving bench not working, texture loading and other bugs until they fix nudity, because lack of nudity is a deal breaker. I’m not saying that the devs should prioritize the issues that important for me over issues that important for you. It’s up to them, since it their business. But it is you who came here to highlight YOU OPINION that your issues are more important than mine. Just be more respectful to us. We paid for this game not less than you.

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Ok let’s funcom working and prioritize as they need. They can probably work on everything at the same time.
Don’t want to discuss anymore about our opinion, I think it’s pointless since for you a side feature (optional) of the game is central among everything else mentioned (not optional but pivotal for game mechanics).

You do this again. It is not up to you to decide what feature is side or optional for other players. Nudity was a selling point for me. It was the first game (on PSN at least) that celebrated a human body, and it was the reason why I purchased Conan Exiles at first place.

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Dear, I’m not deciding nothing. That’s your opinion and what i wrote is mine. Am I free to tell what I think even if it don’t match your idea?
I don’t agree with your point of view and explained why; I understood you think differently and i have nothing against you, I got your point and I respect it, I only disagree with it, I think it’s normal for human being having different point of view and discuss about it.

I hope funcom will fix it together with everthing else.

That’s better. In that comment you weren’t saying anything about which feature is central and which is optional. Stick to this for the next time.

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The thing of it is they are working on it plus fixing bugs their not going to push a separate certification through Sony for a beaver hunt. That has pretty much been explained elsewhere.

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