Can we get full nudity for offline Single player mode for ps4

I find it insulting a game has nudity mention in the download, but offers only partial nudity. I’m not asking much. I am not asking for rape or ■■■ in Conan exiles. Just full nudity like pc players get. I am a barbarian. Let my enemies fear my nudity.


They already stated the choice for full nudity on consoles wasnt their decision to make, talk to ESRB about it. Funcom has no say in the matter, because full nudity would of restricted launch on those platforms.

Finding a lot of people bought this game for the wrong reasons…


Then it should not come to consoles. Teaching a lesson to ESRB. Mature with nudity. Should have been full.

Try telling their marketing team they can’t release their barbarian conquering open world sandbox on a platform because some audiance members like looking at nude toons and see how well that goes. If you want nudity get it on PC or feel free to join an AO “funhouse” game online. Cant help ya bud.

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You do know single player means offline. Offline = Me only.

You’re missing the point, ESRB is for the content the buyer would experience not online interactions. You the buyer would experience content that ESRB would rate as AO (Adult only) if Funcom decided to keep full nudity in their platform release which apparently would of meant no release for console in US.

Regardless of online or single player its the content you as a buyer experience that ESRB rates for consoles. So submit a complaint to ESRB rating if you disagree but funcom has no say in the matter. They wanted to reach a wider audiance and they made the right call. Given the maturity of the responses to this decision its probably for the best to keep nudity off Us console players.


It should said partial nudity. Not nudity.

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I have not tried single player mode, but strange how the online mode has full buff. Did you check the settings? I think by default its not set to full nudie, I had to change it.

I tested it. Single player offline mode has zero full nudity.

Will us ever get uncensored for ps4 and will nitrado servers be available on ps4

It not for online servers. I want offline full nudity.

I feel less in the world of Conan and more in Ark without full nudity. My barbarian rage has increase. **** you Ark and your censorship.

My thralls need to know there queen not afraid. Feel my female barbarian rage. Nudity is hidden on default servers. There is no love making in conan exiles. So full nudity shouldn’t be a problem. This is a mature game not a kid friendly one. Full nudity should have existed. At least on single player offline mode.

Well, this is 'murica. No problem with people cut in half and blood and gore splattering around.
But t*ts and dongs are a no go. ^^
Luckily I’m playing in EU. :slight_smile:

It doesn’t make seases. Partial nudity.

I called the esrb multiple times and finally got to talk to someone who was helpful. If the fantastic devs at Funcom wanted to release a dlc with the nude patch in it, it would be a separate esrb rating. With the amount of people who want this option, we could persuade the esrb to keep it mature. It’s a natural nude anyway, the game has no sexual content. An AO game has the descriptors of prolonged violence and/or prolonged sexual content. We the fans with Funcoms’ help may be able to set a standard for nudity in video games in the esrb countries.


A free dlc it has to be. Otherwise the gods will be displeased.


… perverts!


PC servers have full nudity. It was original plan for all systems. The game stats nudity before you buy it. The game has partial nudity in all systems. Equal nudity for all genders. I’m a proud female barbarian. Nudity empowers all barbarians. Pervert a word for those who are immuture about nudity and can’t handle it. Like partial nudity, Full nudity would be an optional setting.

Dude why are you so obsessed wirh seeing virtual breasts and bush? what does this have to do with gameplay?