Why I want full nudity for offline single player for consoles in the USA (Mature context)

Most players are ew you’re a perverted. That is not the reasons why I want fully nudity.

1.) Equity for female create characters. I was hoping full nudity for male and females. Once again female created characters are unequal. Partial nudity is a let down. All the time can see a male’s chest. Only when partail nudity can you see a woman’s chest. Full nudity would finally made female create character equal.

2.) Forces you to dress right and bring armor repair kits. My armor broke and now I’m fully naked. Guess I should have brought armor repair kits.

3.) Easier to detect a naked ally who armor is broken. Hey bob I see your booty. Body repairs his armor.

4.) Easier to detect noobs and fresh joins. Nakeds are normally the status of new players.

5.) Having a Naked player surrender is more likely to have the player survive. Players tend to not kill Nakeds if it can be helped. Example of this. In Rust the admins have no pity for Naked killers getting grief by the Naked players.

6.) Dressing thralls makes it easier if they are naked and don’t spawn with cloth. Also I have 5 combat thralls with 0 armor so far. I want to feel like a bad leader if I don’t have armor on them.

7.) I want to show my thralls that I am there queen. A queen who not afraid to be naked around her subjects.

My created character feels like this no full nudity in the USA is another insult to women’s rights. I was hoping for full equal nudity. Looks like female created characters are once again limited by there gender.

Funcom has no control over this. Microsoft and Sony have Funcom in a bind. Basically if they want to have Conan Exiles on Xbox or PS4, then the settings are the way they are.

So your complaint needs to be filled here:


or here:

Or if you’d rather picket for actual women’s rights, feel free to go to:

Sony Playstation US Headquarters
2207 Bridgepointe Pkwy.
San Mateo, CA 94404


Microsoft Corporation
One Microsoft Way
Redmond, WA 98052

You have all the information you need to make what you want a possibility. Funcom cannot do it unless you work on the two organizations listed above. You have a choice. You can see this through, or sit down and capitulate to the desires of Sony and Microsoft. Up to you.

I play PC and Valve’s stance is they will not censor games on Steam. So I have absolutely no stake in the issue whatsoever. I’ve made my decision long ago to not buy Xbox’s or Playstations. If women’s rights is that important. You may consider going PC/Steam as well.


Blame the ESRB.

They label any game AO, the game doesn’t get distribution or is sold anywhere.

Remember what happened with GTA and “hot coffee”??

It was pulled from stores until Rockstar fixed it.

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Haha just admit you want naked bodies, spare us those arguments.


Buy the uk version got buy game again though or get a pc better than console and can get one for not much more than a console with better performance and always option to upgrade

Never read such BS in my life. Half of them don’t even apply to single player. What ally and who is going to surrender? And what on earth does any of this have to do with equality? I’m sure fully nude female characters in a video game geared to men would really feel like a win for the Women’s rights movement. How ridiculous.


Partial nudity already offers that. I want full nudity for equal gender nudity.

For a game With full nudity in it selling point, I’ll blame funcom for it as well.

I want full nudity, because it was sold in the psn store with full nudity in it MA rating.


I rather buy a better and finish open world game. Remember open world games for PC are a dime a dozen. Conan Exiles is just another unfinished open world game. I’m tired of open world half baked games. I go back to other games before I bought Conan Exiles for PC. That also goes for ARK too.

I shouldn’t have to buy another system for Full Nudity.

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You auto gender me as male. My user name in the past has alway been ungender. I wanted Bryan Skull to finally be apart of the forums. Of the games I played. Male or Female it doesn’t matter. Look at the picture as a whole. Full nudity empowers all. If you uncomfortable with nudity say it.

I’ll always be right about this one line: “You are born nude! Even in death your clothes will rot off and you’ll be nude again!”

I’m just disapointed in funcom about this.

They allow partail nudity. The game has full nudity in MA section.

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Actually full nudity was never a selling point for this game on console.

Funcom tweeted out back in April.

Just be honest, you want to see some pixel bush and penis. It’s better than going round and round and outright stretching the truth.

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You are wrong. Go to the game in the stores.


Intense Violence
Blood and Gore
Use of Alcohol

Okay, I’m wrong, Funcom is wrong, the ESRB is wrong and you are right.

I bow to your majesty Sir Bryan.

Of course partial nudity is still nudity, but you’ll gloss over that because you want to see the pixel bush and penis.

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Bryan Skull the name of the forum account.

I could easily be a Lady.

Most games list partail nudity as partail nudity.

They forced it in there M as partail nudity.

You mean both reproductive organs. I don’t find gentile funny. Faye Dragonskull is my created character. I would feel more empowered as her with full nudity.

Conan speech at the start already be littles women.

Full nudity = an AO rating from the ESRB.

An AO rating from the ESRB means you can’t buy the game because no one will sell it.

Which is why Funcom stated back in April, a month before console release, that ESRB rated games would have partial nudity.

Bryan is a masculine name, therefore you are a sir. You very easily could be an alien from the planet Neptune, but you still have purposely decided to identify yourself as male on this forum. Male or female, you’re a troll. Simple as.


What about Lady Buttercup,Abby Bloodlust or Captain Bonecold?

I chose Bryan Skull for a reason.

Have you readed Bryan Skull background story yet? I take pride in each name I use.

I have a background for all 50 Characters. I posted Faye Dragonskull story a long time ago.

If I made an anime there wouldn’t be enough time in your lifetime to finish it. That how powerful my stories would be.

Conan Exiles doesn’t have my power or necromancer in game yet. Bryan Skull an Arch Lich. Faye Dragonskull doesn’t have sorcery.

I wonder what a fully naked zombie would look like now.

Full nudity is freedom.

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-a gaint skull appear-

-Faye Dragonskull appears-

She starts to sing:

“When you walk away. You don’t hear me say, please oh baby don’t go. Simple and clean is the way your making me feel tonight.”

-Faye Vanishes into 1000 ravens-

Nudity is power. If you can’t accept that. Then you have no pride as a warrior. We Are barbarians fear my nudity.

Then you are a troll. I explained to you WHY Funcom can’t put full nudity into the game on console in the US. But you still say they are to blame.