Full Nudity should be in the game

Look we are all 17 or older. We are all mature engough to handle full nudity. I find it annoying funcom submitted to Sony and Mircosoft demands. I seen alot of post saying pervs want full nudity. Pervs would rather have something like henati than full nudity. I always found games that had full nudity always got more mature players on there game. Plus Conan Exiles could have full body warpaints. As well as few more religion clothing accessories. For males a horn on there junk. Also jewelry like nip piercings and other mature piercings. They should had the guts to go full adult rating. After all it Conan Exiles not hello kitty. :angry:

i got full nudity as a free DLC when i brought conan exiles i play on xbox one.

Well sadly there’s this thing called ratings that all games have. Which for the USA with the ESRB means partial nudity is forced by them to allow a “Mature” rating. Otherwise the game would be “Adult Only” which someone correct me if I’m wrong aren’t allowed on the PSN or Xbone marketplaces (US Markets)

Where as majority of Europe use PEGI which does age ratings instead of “content” ratings of ESRB.

ESRB Mature and Adult Only would equal PEGI 18+ yet for ESRB that’s two seperate categories that dictate what’s allowed and what’s not.

So yeah, if you wanted Conan to be AO in the US, then… Well tough luck if you’re on console you’d never get to play it as long as you live or use a US Account.

PC has it all, plus mods to expand on it further. Not sure what you are talking about.

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Is this you again Brian?

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We get asked about this a lot and there’s a reason why we had to restrict it on consoles in the ESRB territories:

Including full nudity in Conan Exiles would have resulted in a more restrictive ESRB rating in North America, which would have prevented a broad release. Conan Exiles on Xbox One has been assigned an M (Mature) rating (for ages 17+) with content descriptors that include Violence, Blood and Gore and Nudity and the Users Interact interactive element by the ESRB and 18+ rating by PEGI with the Extreme Violence content descriptor.

The nudity depicted in the game distributed in each region is consistent with their assigned rating information; full nudity in PEGI regulated regions/markets and limited nudity in North America. It isn’t uncommon for publishers to distribute slightly different versions of a game depicting slightly different content given local standards that are reflected in the rating information assigned by each rating authority.

Not everyone wanting full nudity is Me.

Also It’s Bryan not Brian.

I type different and don’t use emotes.

If you follow my pattern.

Clear as day me and lady are two different people.

It would be like comparing yours and Jen typing.

Clearly Jen isn’t Mike.

Or just play on PC and you get it!

There needs to be a movement to reform the ESRB nonsense. I oppose censorship in general personally but I think the majority of people would support demolishing this stupid Tipper Gore style crap.

Sure, and thanks for bringing that up, because that’s exactly where all the nudity-fans should direct their energy (if they feel strongly enough about it). Funcom cannot do anything about it, they’re just conforming to local legislation/regulation.

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You know its amaricans we talk about? Wher its no problem whit blood and gore and all sort of bad stuff but a viseble nipe will destry a kid for Life!

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If you want full frontal nudity on console you should get the European version.

PS4: https://www.play-asia.com/conan-exiles/13/70bsej

Xbox One: https://www.play-asia.com/conan-exiles/13/70bsel

But yeah I find it funny that Sony and Microsoft won’t allow AO games (Adults Only 18+) on their platforms. But in Europe they allow PEGI 18, both carry an 18 plus rating but one doesn’t allow it, funny.

Thank our Puritan heritage, I suppose. Apparently our rating system is just fine with dismemberment, disemboweling, cannibalism and ritual sacrifice … but images of the human body unclothed, well, that’s Right Out ™.

Just keep in mind that, at least on Xbox, once you’ve done that and switched back to your NA region, it will block you from doing certain things (broadcasting, sharing screenshots, etc.) Not that everyone cares about that, of course.

I didn’t know that I play on Playstation 4, thank you for the insight.

Why does this topic keep popping up?

It’s been beaten to death with the same answer every time, its not up to Funcom to just flip a switch or release a DLC to enable full nudity in US markets.

Even here we have a response straight from their Community Manager, and yet I bet this topic will be brought up again as if ESRB changed their policy over night.

Feel like some of us are playing a different game, because the nudity feature is in no way relevant to what the game has to offer in terms of content. There is no benefit to being nude, there is no story to being nude, I don’t get the persistent demand.

I agree with this why is everyone so beaten up about it. My only comment to it is they say partial nudity so why did they go with completely shirtless instead of completely pant less and force us to wear shirts all the time?

Sorry being a little sarcastic because I think this topic getting brought up so much is hilarious. Full nudity doesn’t add anymore to the game except you see genitals between the legs… post on Microsoft forums if you want a change…

Teenagers, mostly.

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The reasoning being PEGI is all or nothing, where as ESRB decided to split it into Mature and AO. So while it’s easy for Sony n Microsoft to stop AO games on their platforms, they don’t have that freedom due to PEGI. Cause if they blocked PEGI 18 they’d block Witcher 3, GTA V, Fallout 4, Etc etc. lots of games that are by ESRB ratings Mature and that would surely cause ppls blood to boil.

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Wrong. Sweet you think I’m a teenager. :slight_smile: