What would it take to get the ESRB to reconsider full nudity?

I know the topic of nudity has been talked to death here, but I’m confused about why a game like GTA can feature full frontal and get an M-rating from the ESRB, yet it’s a no-go for Conan Exiles. Is it simply because it’s your player character that can be nude? I’d really like some insight from Funcom on the whole rating process, and if it’s all possible for Funcom to resubmit for a an M-rating with nudity included. Maybe take away the size slider?

I’m also concerned for other games (Cyberbunk is supposed to have full nudity, but will it in NA?). Will Funcom try to keep full nudity across all regions in their next Conan title?

I made a petition in the hopes of reigniting the conversation (look up Conan Exiles on change dot org). Maybe if the topic gets enough attention on forums and gaming sites the ESRB will reconsider, if the game or a patch is resubmitted. There’s still a passionate discussion about this on the subreddit.

Is there a better way to go about this? Funcom, is there anything the community in the ESRB regions can do to make an impact?


Full nudity would be nice

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What we were initially told is that due to ESRB and the fact that consoles are widely available to the under 18 crowd is that CE will only be available with full nudity on Steam in the English speaking nations due to ESRB for PC. What many players figured out is that it is how the U.S. views the human body. This resulted in CE side stepping the ESRB Mature rating for consoles by fixing it to partial nudity. In nations that use the PEGI system, It does have the ability to have full nudity.

In order for what you are suggesting, a complete change in how people in the U.S. perceive the naked human body will need to take place. I, for one, see the human body as a work of art to be admired. There are many in this nation that do not see it that way, hence ESRB was created to appease them and allow the gaming industry to continue in a self regulated fashion.


Pretty much how most adult sites have “click yes” if you are over 18 button.

I am not sure if resubmitting is what happens here, with video games. If you look back at GTA:SA, just the mere discovery of latent files in the game sparked the motion to change the rating from M to AO.

Video games are not rated the same as movies, and even if they were, you will be sure that the people rating it would not rate it subjectively, but would allow personal motives to judge the media.

The reasoning behind why one game can do somethings that the other cannot is all a mystery. The same reasoning in movie ratings apply. Why are some movies able to do things that others must get edited to death the make an R rating.

Old school reference to this is the original RoboCop. Did you know that RoboCop was submitted to the ratings board about 7 times. What was the main issue? Two scenes was a bit gory. Solution? Cut a few seconds from the shots. Does a few seconds really count towards NC-17?

Man imagine how most of the 80s action had to go through the “safe for TV” with all the softcore nudity and sexy scenes.

Don’t have to imagine if you’re old enough to remember. Simply put, a lot of those movies no longer made any sense once they were able to meet the television standards of the time.

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Petition signed, commented, and soon to be shared in as many places as I can find. I’m so sick of censorship.

To be honest I’ve come to value X-rated. I know in terms of revenue these are niche products. And I need to take good care of who I am dealing with. But I can’t stop telling how much I appreciate excluding children upfront from my quality time.

I would pay double if Conan Exiles in its current form would be X-rated.

I believe that Funcom carefully measured their options, and went with what was feasible within the constraints for marketing the game on the console platforms.

I think everyone here understands the frustration of console players who would like to see a full nudity option. As it has been stated many times: your full nudity option is to get a copy of the game for your PC.

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Technically, Funcom could go with AO rating. And not be able to sell the game at most locations to. (thou i wounder if they could sell AO copies via website…)

ESRB need to change its rating system, So there go between from MA to AO.

Cyberpunk 2077, Is in same boat… They can go “we will do full nudity” And hand game in for ratings, and get told AO or bust by ESRB. And they will tone it down for consoles in the west to get MA.

For what ever reason PC users have the “we have internet…so why bother censoring it” thing going. XD

And its not so much preceiption of body in west, its we allow snowflakes and candy ■■■■■ who can’t handle it to have a minor voice on it, and stop us…even thou they were not ones buying damn things. Cause some mom is all “I bought my son what at walmart! Why didnt they stop me!”
Instead of it being there fault for not looking…everyone else gets shafted.


What would happen to all 24 7 pvp players. Sorta of kidding have plenty of tweens and teens coming on my server after ps4. freebie…

I think you’d have an easier time saving up for a PC than convincing the ESRB rating system to include full frontal nudity. :grin:

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It’s not only an easier time, it’s also the only way to get it. ESRB is never gonna change their stance on that.

One thing I’m wondering is why is this desired so much? I started off with full frontal nudity when I bought the PC version of the game, and since I now have armour, everything is covered up.

XB1 has internet access, and browser apps. Adult websites are no more difficult to explore on an XB1 than a PC.

For me, it’s because that is how the developers designed the game. Why does their vision and creativity have to be stomped on by an unjust ratings board. Also, I hate censorship, in any form.

I don’t have a PC. I’m lucky to have an XB1 tbh. I was able to find a used first gen XB1 for $200 and jumped on it. Disposable income is non-existent in my current situation, so I had to settle.

Part of it is… I’m from Japan, so its not a huge deal. And two… part of Lore.
… its exiled lands + lore. It fits.

But mostly, It fits with world thats there and set up.

Little bit on side, I have this hate for people who can’t handle stuff and who try and tell me what I can and can not have.
They can turn it off at any damn point, we got v-chips, parental setting on almost all devices. Use that stuff, don’t lump me into your poor parenting BS. LOL


Yeah, but that’s topless, which the console version already has.

Unfortunately, I just don’t see the ESRB ever changing their stance on this. I never understood my country being fine with bodies getting blown apart but freaking out over some bare skin lol.

Ii was clicking yes before I was 18 Lol. They don’t know.