XB1 Nudity DLC Release

Why is the XB1 Full Nudity DLC available to UK but not US?

You can blame the US ESRB. This is not a funcom issue really.

Indeed. There’s a nice thread here about that if you wish to see more about this as well:

I wonder why the consoles are censored but the PC version isn’t. Oh well, I guess I should count myself lucky I play on PC.

Lol … Nasty :heart_eyes:

Steam does not require an ESRB rating. Conan Exiles PC has no rating with the ESRB. Both Microsoft and Sony require ratings for games to be released on their respective systems in the US. Due to the genitals being shown in full nudity, this would net an AO (Adults Only) rating. Both Microsoft and Sony will not allow that in the US markets.

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According to the ESRB rating though, it states Nudity (not partial nudity). Plus it comes with a Mature rating which is Adult only. The specific Adult Only rating is for pornographic gameplay (genital on genital type gameplay).

Otherwise The Witcher 3 would of been an Adult Only game due to its â– â– â–  scenes.

If you don’t care, then why are you posting in here?

I’ve not played Witcher 3, but does it show both female and male genitalia? A sex scene in itself isn’t enough to warrant a Rated R/NC17 rating in the US. Titanic for example received PG13.

If they do allow Genitalia for Mature rating, then Conan Exiles could probably get away with it. Its up to Funcom though if they want to try it.

That’s the reason the girls put their pants back on in the middle of the scenes and geralt never took his off.

'Tis a shame they made it like that for the whole world, not just america.

Generally the esrb ruins it for everyone, american or not.

At least funcom chose to release the uncensored version where they could.

I don’t get it. I like nudity too, but my character wears armour, so I can’t see anything. You can’t even go skinnydipping because of the crocodiles.

So you can’t see some bush. So what?

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The dancers in your base. There’s being entertained and then there’s being ennn terrrrr taiiiined :sweat_smile::rofl::wink:

All I can say is grow up people. I mean seriously are you really upset cause you can’t see a naked toon. This really goes to show how immature some people are. If you get off on naked Toon’s maybe you should consider getting a life.


I don’t see the issue either, someone please explain to me why the lack of nudity is an issue and what things we are missing out on

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Go to a ■■■■ site to get your fix. I honestly don’t see the point in putting naked Toon’s on any game. And in reality if you were in any areas like in game you wouldn’t be running around naked so why have it in a game.

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I would venture a guess the ones crying about not having total nudity are kids trying to see something they don’t see in real life. And if your not a child grow up. Find something meaningful to request a fix on. There are plenty of bugs that need addressed before addressing some childish obsession.

It has nothing to do with “getting off” or even maturity.

Your the one who needs to grow up. After all, when you saw the post and disagreed with it, you chose to come in and insult everyone that you disagreed with. Your the one that needs to grow up.

All I am wanting is the same game that everyone else has. I am tired of games crossing over from other platforms with cut content. But yet I pay the same as the people without the cut content. My complaint isn’t just with this game. There are plenty of games I feel the same about. And with those I also voice my opinion in the forums.

In addition I am tired of playing MA (Mature) games that are dumbed down for kids. If your gonna cut the content, then don’t bother with the rating.

For those that talked about the NC-17 rating. Actual sexual acts have to happen for that rating, That is the same rating as por-nography.

Oh and lets not forget the fact I may be gay or just want to see my junk flying around. Who doesn’t want to fight a bunch of mystical creatures with your croquet set hanging in the breeze.

And when it comes down to it in the end, you need to stop being so judgmental and trying to tell people how to play their game. If you prefer the partial nudity, then go right ahead. Thats why there is a partial nudity option. Stop telling everyone they have to enjoy it the way you do.

I hope this was helpful for you. :grin:


If you’re playing on console you paid more than pc.

No one said anything gender or sexual preference specific so let’s not be a millennial about it

I fail to see how my confusion on how this topic even matters is a show of my level of maturity

Based on what you are saying the only thing you are missing out on is some giggles from naked fights

Yes cut content is an ongoing issue with console ports but as far as they go this would be the least severe.

I’m seeing this topic pop up more and more and I still haven’t seen a solid reason as to why the lack of nudity is such a slap to the face to them. Yes the level of nudity is player choice and full nudity isn’t being provided to you. Was that the main selling point of the game to you?

I stand corrected bush was mentioned once

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Lol it’s so much fun to get people worked up.

Shhhh, you’ll ruin it and they’ll stop entertaining us