Full nudity in EU steam PC version?

I am in EU (Belgium) and I wish to buy the game, I am interested in its capability to be full nude but I read that this settings has been deleted.
All the info I got are from 2018 at least.
Does the steam EU version still have the nude capabilities? Or does it has been removed?
I know that most of the time I will be clothed and armoured but I think it is a nice feature of the game.


It is only the US console versions that do not have full nudity, every other version has the option of full nudity.

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Thanks I have baught the game and yes the EU version has full nude.

See anything that turns you on?

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I really don’t get the “need” people have for “full nudity” in their video games. I play on PC and I have had it turned OFF since early access. I am a grown adult and do not need to see fake wangs and boobs in a video game to feel fulfilled. I also craft clothing as soon as possible because I know just about everyone else has full nudity turned on any my characters aren’t whores :stuck_out_tongue:

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The one thing I don’t like is seeing the gonads blowing in the wind, don’t look natural. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Everything else is great :smiley:

If you buy Pegi rated version, you’ll get full stuff.

ESRB and few other regions, have only topless. (console versions)
Xbox version has oddty that may have been changed, were they could download from euro store to fix it)

Conan Outcasts (Japanese title for Conan Exiles) has full nudity as well.

Speak for yourself, since I turned 50 I reckon I need to tuck them in my socks to avoid flappage :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s just a bit more realistic for barbarian ages. My “avatar” wears clothes but my Thralls are broken in Wheels of Pain being nude (modded of course) - just to humiliate them more and make them more obedient 'cause my “avatar” is a woman ruling lots of strong barbarian men. Immersion, you know.


Agree’d about realism.

Its part of Conan lore in books to a sense, and honestly… it fits the world.

Thou to fair, they did a great job with loin cloth. Compared to other games were you get a cloth diaper. XD
(I’m Japanese, so nudity isnt really a big deal this/that side of world)

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I built a town in the game. It has a marketplace, temples, shops, workshops, a bar, a prison, an armory and a brothel, among other things.

Some NPCs in my town are actual whores.

I clothe most of my thralls in a way that makes sense. But when it makes sense, I leave them unclothed. I like having that as an option - when it makes sense. I’m also a firm supporter of armor that looks like armor rather than stripper outfits. I like things that make sense.

I can easily find boobs and stuff online when I want to watch them, so I don’t need this game as a substitute for adult entertainment. But I want it to feel as close to an actual place from the Conan stories, and that includes all elements from 1930s pulp fiction, as corny as they seem from a modern reader’s perspective.


It’s an extension of the typical RPG character creation paradox.

Spend six hours adjusting sliders and selecting hair color and various markings. Wear face covering helmet for all but the first three minutes of the game.

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Oh I never wear helmets :stuck_out_tongue:

Bare chested, I would agree. The women, and men, were very scantily clad. But full nudity? You never saw men running around with their wangs hanging out in the works of Robert E. Howard or women with their lower regions fully exposed either. So, no, it’s not really part of the lore.

BĂŞlit (Queen of the Black Coast) was literally wearing just a belt.


I think lets rather say it suites the lore, whether or not there was actually naked people running around in the comics or not is not as relevant, there was an air of raunchiness to the writing which is why the devs opted for the full nudity option. Whether players use that to have naked thralls running around or not is no longer up to the devs, they built the game to fit into the lore, not to fully embody it, otherwise you shouldnt be allowed to choose the name of your character either, Some crazy desert man calling himself the Hobo King was not in the lore, yet that is the character I create on every server I join. I think we shouldn’t get too bogged down on the semantics of the lore, so lets say it suites the lore or fits in with the style of the lore, which I would agree it certainly does, what player choose to do with the game assets they have been given is a whole different ball game.

I think you and most others have missed the point I was making, and that is fine. I don’t care that it is in the game. I just don’t get people obsession with having it in the game or their “need” for it in the game. Like, “I won’t buy the game if it doesn’t have animated wangs flopping around” kind of mentality. The game does not change if you have full nudity or not, it’s still the same exact game minus one honestly very minor thing. If it’s available and you want to use it, go for it! But to base your decision to buy the game over something as silly as that to me is just… silly. That was my point.

We have public baths here (back home anyway) and like I said… its not a huge deal for nudity.

Its not really the “need”

Its hard to explain… Its like…


There something about letting girls out, “i’m woman hear me ROAR, Stab stab stab, mauahhhahahaaa.”

Then back in states… its basiclly considered adult stuff (p-word that gets censored) ■■■■!

Its not a huge deal to me, I guess some of us can handle realism, or just want it there. And some can’t understand the concept.

There something about being pulled off cross naked, and making way thru desert thats just its thing as you make choice for tools or clothes.
So in a way, the game does change if its there or not. I’m not saying its long lasting effect…
I guess sometimes it just “Choice”

I usually don’t take the “wont by it, cause it doesn’t have this ONE thing” statement to serious.

To me, it was stated it would have it. So you know cool, more realism. Then NA copy didn’t get it. So ya… its kinda like WTF, damn babies can’t handle this stuff?! LOL
(Its ESRB fault for having a faulty rating system, along with how stores wont care AO rated games)
Being from Japan, its just so weird people get worked up over it. Even then, I own Pal copy to, and you never see bottom nudity even if setting is off, outside Yourself and Thralls you yank clothes off of.
Its rare to see topless npc outside certain areas.

“silly” is kinda flipflop. It was stated to have it…So people got idea they could do it. Then it doesnt… when they buy it. (Western release)

There just something about running around naked and killing people thats just fun… can’t do it in real life with out getting in trouble. Or unable to delete the nudes from internet. =p

I could play other Surv games…But why not play the one with naked time and conan lore. XD


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Just compare to most other realism elements games have. Hair moving in the wind, footprints in the dirt, spent casings being ejected from a gun, boob jiggle, reflections, shadows, etc. None of it is “needed”, but they all add to the realism and immersion.

And really, just how realistic is it to strip down only to find that your underwear is permanently attached and hasn’t been changed in years?

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Hey I fully agree with you on that pretty much never see the nudity in conan for the most part, unless I’m setting up dancers :stuck_out_tongue: lol. but for the most part I have the setting on partial cause I use a male character and I aint about seeing ■■■■ every time I need to respawn, not to mention the horribly unflattering shots I have to endure when climbing surface lol.

But you gotta expect it to be a point of interest for many people, that how people are :man_shrugging:, The list of not so clean RP mods that exist for games like this should kind of hint that people are into that thing, and hey different strokes for different folks, some people are in it for the gameplay, others are in it for the ■■■■. Whatever tickles your pickle I won’t judge.