Does the EU version of Conan Exiles have full nudity. if so technically americans could get uncensored version in the EU PSN Store

Well that is if the EU version of PS4 is uncensored and has full nudity, or maybe that feature is exclusive to EU Xbox One. but it would help to confir mthese things.

I have NA PS4, but PS4 consoles are region free, Iven gotten japanese games from the JPN PSN store using a japanese account with that region psn codes from an online store, perfectly legal.

So if Conan Exiles EU version on PS4 has full nudity, I do have a EU PSN account. if its confirmed Ill shop for EU PSN codes online and purchase it and install it on my NA PS4. I would get the EU physical version to shipped but first gotta confirm at least the EU verison of PS4 Conan Exiles has full nudity. I think it was gonna be exclusive to PC and Xbox One Europe. but if PS4 EU is getting the uncensored version, might as well get that version instead since its the complete most definitive version without any of the censorship nonsense. good thing for region free console