XB1 Nudity DLC Release

Lol I doubt it these types of people never get it

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There is a difference between being confused and insulting people who have a different view.

But regardless, the point still stands. Whether or not I have nudity in my game has no effect on you, so why would you come in here with your assumptions and opinions trying to tear myself or anyone else in here for having this view.

And if it was not meant to be a selling point for the game, then it would of never been a feature of the game. Although this was not the main selling point for me, it was still a nice feature. But there again I also like not being told how to enjoy a game.
And even if it came down to “I want a few giggles”. Thats my choice to have fun how I want to. This isn’t a game breaking fix. Considering additional code was needed to shut the nudity off. All they have to do is delete said code and enable it.

And yes your type never gets it. We will agree on that. Considering you only came in to troll the topic.

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Lol. Childish obsession is that a goverment decides wat I can or what I cannot see. Funcom policy in that sense deserves a 10/10. I’m afraid the only inmature on this thread is you with your gratuitous insults.

Actually i wasn’t insulting anyone only stating the facts. The fact of the matter is there are larger bugs that need fixed yet I see several posts not just this one of people complaining if not being able to run around naked. It’s just my opinion if your complaining if not being able to be naked when there are far bigger bugs then yes your immature plain and simple. I understand we should have the choice of being naked or not. That is our right I don’t disagree with that. Just the idea of this being a complaint at this point where there are so many bigger problems seems immature to me.

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Because the US is full of prudish sexually repressed аssholes

You’ve totally missed the point.

So have you.

Its not about getting your fix of animated nudity.

And if it is, who cares?

Its about the principles of censorship.
Its about people who can’t deal with their own shame when they see a naked body so they must prevent everyone else.

Its definitely a small part of a bigger issue going back to AD&D. Where they had to re-label and censor almost anything that would be considered offensive after the backlash of the “satanic Scare”… Even though we have various games that handle mature content well and maturely; with proper fade outs and tongue-in-cheek humour… importing that same content is Denied simply because it carries the “wrong words” attached to it.

A Prime example is how console mods for Bethesda are handled. the vast majority of poses come from LoversLab, and are banned on site simply because of the content LLabs deals with. Most of the poses ported aren’t even dirty… (permission given or not they all have to be slipped into the WIP in twenty minute-one hour windows; just so you can take a Screen shot holding up a peace sign or brandishing an axe)

Great quest and DLC sized mods have to be censored, and large chunks of the story taken out/edited just because they have the word “brothel” attached to it. (Despite the fact that fallout new Vegas had at least one prostitute in every town and a sex robot in its vanilla release).

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