Extremely aggravated at U.S censorship on ps4

I hate that I have to have a watered down game because of where I live.
I wanted to get a refund but downloading the game prevents that from happening due to ps4 policy.
this issue bugs me so much i refuse to play the game now.

Please find a way to patch the game so that I can play the game as intended, it’s really fuking stupid I don’t get to have the full experience just because of what console I bought my game for.


What’s the censorship?

Op upset he cant look at virtual breasts and dongs because of an issue unrelated to funcom. Op should contact esrb if they have an issue with the censorship.

Meanwhile I actually wear cloth armor, explore and dominate the lands around me as the game intends.


Actually, he can see the virtual breasts. It is more likely not being able to see the virtual secret garden and the virtual sausage that is the basis of the complaint.

This has nothing to do with Funcom. If you need the entire game as intended then downloading the game for the PC is the only solution.

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PS4 has nothing to do with US censorship. Video games are a protected class and it is illegal for our government to censor them (states and local can’t even pass laws to restrict minors from purchasing games, stores may have policies otherwise). Playstation is owned by Sony, a Japanese company. You’re issue is with them.


Go there, sign in, and follow the help section or whatever message board or social media they use and file a complaint.

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You could also ask for a refund of your Playstation and use the money to buy a PC.

Or just vote with your money when you upgrade and buy a PC.

So you can see cannibals eating human flesh, corpses being chopped up etc but you can’t see balls? WTH :thinking:


Not a funcom issue, its esrb guidelines and what sony/microsoft allow on their platform.

Plain and simple, for Conan Exiles to launch on US consoles they had to maintain an M rating otherwise, from what the dev’s have said multiple times, they would not be able to reach those audiances. If you notice the launch details EU has an option to download the full version with all its glorious parts.

So it was either keep full nudity and lose a large audiance or throw a loin clothe over some parts and let them play. I think they made a very rational decision. Esrb sony or microsoft are who’s tree you want to bark up.

Change your region manually then download game from a region that isn’t corrupt and broken, but you will have to leave region to new one if you change back it’ll lock it again

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Actually only official US servers will be forced to partial nudity, thanks to our puritan founding fathers a lot of that mind set is still around.

I am always amazed that the US can show bloody decapitations, quartering and the like but glimpse just a partial aureole and the censors scream bloody murder. While in Europe, nudity is fine but they shy away from blood baths. Almost complete opposite mind sets.

Private servers are not restricted from full nudity I believe. You can have full nudity on SP PC without a problem also. The restrictions kick in on the official servers only.

I like seeing skin just as much as the next red blooded American boy, but my character always has armour on. I don’t see the big deal.

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As the other person mentioned, the problem is with Sony or Microsoft. There is no censorship for US government. ESRB gives ratings (which is not a government but a self regulating organization from the gaming industry) , and Microsoft or Sony decide what kind of games are allowed in their consoles. Generally most games for adults falls under Mature, but Conan Exiles would probably have gotten AO ratings (Adults only). Sony and Microsoft refuse to carry AO rated games on their consoles, so Conan Exiles would not be available for PS4 and Xbox, severely limiting sales. For example, US PC version of Conan Exiles is completely unaltered, since Microsoft nor Sony has any say on the content PC users decide to use.


It’s simple. Anybody with a mom knows the deal.

A console is in the living room, family room, little Teddy’s bedroom. Ted can chop heads all day long, but the instant Mom sees a nipple or some dewy fur, that disc goes in the trash, Funcom gets digital hate, and Sony is writing an apology letter. Blame American Moms. And Sony.


Oh come on . …youre that fired up about not seing a dick…

After the first ten seconds of the game you have armor on…

Play the game the way it was intended …give me an effing break.

It’s not about seeing or not. It’s about the whole point of censorship and deciding for us whether or not we should have it. Personally I think we should have the option to decide on our own.


Again, talk to esrb. The censorship was a part of avoiding launch issues. Has nothing to do with Funcom

That’s true but this thread is for PS4.

To be honest though man, I’m on PS4 (EU, UK to be exact) and I’m seeing tiddies, lady gardens and dongs! so… definitely a US area-specific issue that the OP is dealing with. Shame really, because while I don’t spend my time looking at virtual genitals, I’d feel robbed knowing that my version of the game is censored due to where I live.


Few parents even look at the ESRB ratings, they cannot be bothered, whatever little Timmy screams about he gets, to shut him up. (please alter pronouns and names to suit your worldview)
But the puritan strain is strong in americans; wholesale slaughter, real and imagined, is fine. Too much skin, is a sin. And, as you say, the moment mommy sees something she disapproves of, it is instantly someone else’s fault, since she is SO very careful in her decisions about what to buy. (i.e. someone else is supposed to protect her worldview for her)


Esrb only rates products. Which I don’t understand how showing the genitals of character on a game would give it a adults only rating. I have seen movies and tv series with people walking around naked and it was only rated mature audiences. I have seen movies have some pretty brutal deaths and still had full nudity and still only rated mature. The only time I’ve really seen an adults only rating was on ■■■■! So how would a video game get an ao rating unless there is ■■■ in the Game? I’ve been playing it and so far and I haven’t seen any ■■■■. Now back to my first point esrb only rates, the don’t censor. As far as sony I’m not that impressed. In the last 10 years the quality of games has dropped drastically. Funcom on the other hand I barely know anything about, but from what I’ve seen and dealt with so far. I highly doubt I’ll be purchasing anything else from them. Before die hard funcom fanboys get all bent out of shape! I haven’t bought any PlayStation games in several months. And don’t plan on buying anymore till all these companies get the crap straight.