Extremely aggravated at U.S censorship on ps4

That cant be correct. Why is this only a US problem then? Console users from EU can see genitals but not US so it can’t just be ESRB ratings behind this.

I live in the UK and have my home PS4 set to a friend’s console who lives in California so he can play any games I purchase for free, he was able to download and play the uncensored European version.


The problem is in part esrb for their ridiculously twisted veiw on what will corrupt you or not.
But mainly due to extreme over reaction to things like the hot coffee mod in the media, U.S. game stores refuse to stock AO titles.
While I strongly disagree with it on principle, Funcom would be shooting themselves in the foot by letting you see a ■■■■■.
That is only a problem for america for this title.
When companies insist on releasing the same content worldwide things go wrong.
Just look the off again on again undies in Witcher 3 ■■■ scenes.

I don’t know what is confusing? Microsoft and Sony does not carry AO rated games in their consoles in US, only up to M rated games. Look for every games released to Xbox or Playstation in US, none of them has AO rating. Europe uses PEGI, which both Microsoft and Playstation will carry PEGI18 rated games. In order words, Microsoft and Sony in US will not carry “adults only” games, only 16+. Game retailers refuse to carry AO rated games too. So it’s not the government, but the gaming industry in US refuse to carry AO rated games.

ESRB AO = 18 years or older.
PEGI18 = 10 years or older.

So you do not think it’s strange that consoles allow +18 years or older on one continent and not the other?


Its actually illegal for any governmental agency to regulate content in video games. SCOTUS ruled Video Game Content as protected speech.

However, companies like Walmart, Gamestop, and Sony may use their own freespeech to not carry games with adult content if they feel it is better for their profits to do so.

If this is still a problem for people, the only way to fix it is a grassroots push to change the cultural attitude. You either have to convince, bribe, coerce, or bully people into changing their views.

For people like the OP… good luck with that.

Is your friend able to play online with friends in US as well? I’m thinking of doing something similar but I’m reading mixed things about the online functionality of sharing games across regions.

Yeah, he can play with anyone regardless of whether their version is US or EU. We have never had any issues sharing games or their respective DLC.

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Strange? No. Each culture/country will self restrict what they deem appropriate. The US government cannot do it by law, but industries can self regulate on content. Culturally, US is definitely more puritan in terms of ■■■ when compared to Europe. So I can understand why the US industry would self regulate showing sexual organs. Not that I agree.

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Thanks for the definitive answer. :+1:

The esrb never rated the uncensored version, trust me. I called for a week strait. A guy there said they could release a dlc and it would be rated separately. After playing Agony, it should be considered mature rating. If it wasn’t, we could petition the esrb. Love you Funcom, but we need you to take the first step. Either way, fun game.

Of all things to complain about with this game, this is your issue?

Here’s why there is no virtual dong or secret garden in this game, or any other game on PS4 or Xbone for that matter, the ESRB rates games based on the content in the US of A. Full nudity would garner an AO rating from the ESRB.

You know what happens to AO games? Retailers don’t carry them. PS store or XBox store don’t carry them. An AO rating to a game is death to a title and to a small studio, death to the studio.

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Yep that is concerning because you can kill people in every way imaginable in the mass majority of games, like it’s normal.
When it comes to balls or boobies though, you know, the natural state of humans, it’s somehow problematic and that is utterly, stupidly, ridiculous.
These rules are made by imbeciles, I begin to wonder about their state of mind. Are they even human? :zipper_mouth_face:

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Agree, it is NOT about this game, it is the very real censorship that we have allowed the government to do without thinking about it. This could be just the start of reversing the freedoms that we have here in the USA. Remember an avalanche can start with a single pebble…

What? Reversing the freedoms?

They have full on ■■■ movies. Guess where you’re not buying them? Walmart. Target. Best Buy. Gamestop. PS Store. Xbox Store.

Guess what happens if you do that type of format in video game form? it doesn’t get sold at those retailers either.

What happens to a video game if it doesn’t get put on the retailer market? No one buys them. What happens to a publisher who spends who knows how much to produce, publish and advertise a game that no one buys? They go out of business.

It’s not a censorship issue. it’s not a reversal of freedoms issue. It’s business.

Now why here we in the US decide cutting people in half isn’t as egregious as showing a virtual dong is a whole nother ball of wax and discussion. But showing the nether regions automatically makes a movie either unrated, NC17 or X and in video game format it makes a game AO.

I see your point…I guess I would prefer to have games published so okay. There will be ways around this anyways and I guess they really don’t mess with my personal computer now anyway.

Seeing the “nether regions” doesn’t mean automatic AO. Red Dead Redemption had some, Dante’s Inferno had some, GTA5 as well. Heck, Agony just came out with a mature rating and it has a lot of “nether regions” in it. An AO rating states that it has “prolonged scenes of intense violence, graphic sexual content and/or gambling with real currency.” No mention of nudity. Conan Exiles doesn’t even have sexual content. Natural nudity should fall under mature and we could help make that distinction. The esrb makes their rating based off of what the majority would be ok with, and a lot of the “puritan views” are old ways that are dying off.
As for why fight for it now? This has been going on since before Conan Exiles came out. We just want what the rest of the world has. Well, that the E.U. has anyway.

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I think you misunderstand the situation. The constitution forbids the government from censoring free speech. And the USCOTUS’s Brown v. Entertainment Merchantss Association declared that video games are protected speech under the First Amendment, as other form of media. The government does not rate or regulate content of games. What you see in US is corporate/industry self-censorship. Private entities are not bound by the First amendment, they can self censor if they wish. Sony and Microsoft are self censoring based on ratings given by ESRB (another non government, industry based entity). ESRB is ridiculous that, extreme violence where decapitation or heads exploding gets M rating, but as soon as there is peepee or booboo, its Adults Only rating. AO is give to pr0n games…

While it is true that some games that shows nether region gets M rating, if you look at the stuff that got AO rating, they all been pr0n games. Some more violent games got reclassified as M to AO, but that was after backlash about graphic sexual content, not violence.

Can u freely wander nude? No? Ur example is null n void