Full Nudity free DLC for consoles

Fist thin my idea for a free nudity DLC has strings attached to it. I want the Funcom to Talk to Sony and Mircosoft about adding in this as a free DLC.

The DLC has 3 requirements.

1.) Your gamer account must be 18 or older. Your email to your gamer account must be 18 or older too. This DLC won’t appear on accounts less than 18 or older.

2.) You must sign digital contact on your gamer account. This contact confirms you are 18 years or older. This contact state you won’t sue Sony,Mircosoft or Funcom if you aren’t 18 years or older.

3.) Now comes the pain. You must confirm you r age 25 times. The order is random 25 times.


full nudity has nothing to do with MS or sony…

the game would have to be re-rated (yes even for the ones that do not get the dlc) which will not happen.

Full nudity IS available on consoles, but its restricted based on the laws where you live.

Explain why it is only the US console version of Conan Exiles has no full nudity, especially when other games have had fully-detailed nudity on consoles in the US, Grand Theft Auto IV being one such example, even if it was just in cutscenes, it was still there. It is clearly a ratings board decision, not Sony or Microsoft.

Japan does something similar to this already with DLC for certain games, any game that is rated Z by the CERO (Computer Entertainment Rating Organization) on consoles requires credit card payment to be purchased.

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Since this topic has’nt gone away since May 8th, I’ll fan the flames alittle more.
As @CrystalGoddess pointed out, there have been console games that display full frontal nudity.

The most recent that comes to mind for me is Red Dead Redemption 2 since I’ve gone back to hate playing it recently. In RDR2 there is an npc you can encounter named the feral man, he’s naked, dangly bits an all.

If I’m remembering correctly the first RDR had male nudity as well (what is it with Rockstar and dongs?)

again the rating board has it rated FOR the specific target audience… if they change the rating to allow full nudity then the audience would not be ‘youth’ as you say…

MS and Sony do not stop full nudity in games… I am on xbox and have full nudity, the servers allow full nudity…

It all depends where you live and what the ratings allow under it.

For Conan, it is not only the nudity causing the rating. It is how often, how in your face, how gratuitous it is, and whether is really needed to tell the story–violence, the “slaving” of thralls and objectification of the barbie doll physique of the women that combine to make the game beyond what the rating board certifies as M. This has only parts to do with Sony/MS and Funcom, and more to do with the ratings board. Sony and MS do not directly rate the games. The game gets a rating, then Sony or MS decides to allow the game on its console based on the financial profit they can make. AO tend to sell less, because less audience, and as @Shadoza has stated, the console itself is marketed in the US to early teens and “family” friendly. Funcoms only part is to “censor” what parts it needs to get the M rating in the U.S. and other territories to get the most sales without losing the idea/core of the game.
They chose that the genitalia is the part that was not mechanically and crucial part of the game, and got the rating down. The Violence, objectification, slavery aspects are part of the mechanics as well as the lore.


This game rated 17 and up. Sony and Mircosoft could easy hide a free nudity USA dlc. By gamer accounts. When you make a gamer account. It ask for your date of birth. Simple Sony and Mircosoft.

ESRB basiclly need better rating system…

“sneaking” nudity dlc would be a nightmare.

Watchdogs had lady parts, and it took one moron taking screen cap and sharing to get it patch out.
GTA nudity… is hidden, and (nuts and sticks anyway) there no female bottom halfs.

No one really cares for boobs part, you start showing bushes and branches, snowflakes this side of world start melting. And there way to many of them here now…
If ESRB made a middle ground bewteen MA and AO (■■■■ games) we’d be set.

Then again, if Funcom had dropped a NA version with full package via website that was rated AO. I think a few of us would have hit them up.

The free nudity dlc says 18 and older. It’s not sneaking in nudity. It adding nudity free dlc. You chose to download it or not. The dlc is adult only rating. Accounts under 18 can’t download it.

wait??? So under 18, or older than under 18 can’t download it. So no one?

I’m confused by this entire issue. I live in the US and play on the Xbox. I bought a digital copy without the nudity patch in May 2018. Played the game for months. Found out there was a patch, did a little research. Switched my xbox settings so I could download the patch. Switched my settings back without any problems. I play on official US servers with full nudity. Problem solved without any changes to any entrenched system. After watching boobies bounce for a couple (maybe more) of months and my wife’s good natured humor, the allure did wear off.

So instead of trying to change the world, look on reddit or similar sites. Everything you need to know is there.

This is in part how xbox allows it to do so. Ps4 user get the boot sadly as PAL and NA don’t share.

So if I bought PAL dlc, and used my NA copy… nothing. Main reason I didnt pick up PAL version later, since already bought 2 of dlc.

Also note, Ps4 dlc is shared on Ps4 depending on dlc.

Sony itself has been taking bigger stance to. From stopping adult games, and mods in general.
Its mostly on ESRB, and partly blame on Sony for NA woes.
I should look into Conan Outcast(JP) version

Wow, it didn’t realize how different it was for PS4 players. I’m sorry to hear that. Even though nibbly bits don’t really make a difference to game play, it bugged me knowing there was a version that allowed “richer” gameplay than I was experiencing. To be honest though I feel the same way about the mods on the PC version of the game. There’s some amazing things being done on that side of the game. If it wasn’t for the cost if entry, I would have switched over. I almost did a couple of months ago.

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thanks, @JTtheDestroyer!

that’s the info i’ve been seeking for a few weeks now. i only play offline and had partial until the pets were introduced and been hoping to find a fix without going to play online.

No problem. Send me a note if you can’t find correct reddit instructions and I’ll see if Istill have the link

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It is verry easy to explain from the sight of some ppl it would sound like this:

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Its simply a question of how some ppl want others to see the world in only one correct way: theirs :smiley:

REALLY ? You are blocking even to write the word which can stand for bees and flowers in this forum ??? Bees and flowers is an all natural thing - and please we are writing in a Conan connected forum! My my what crazy world we are living in.

About the s e x censorship…

Funcom . Funcom Oslo AS (OSE: FUNCOM , formerly Funcom Productions AS) is a Norwegian video game developer specializing in online games. …

but you know, it is all the Americans (not amerikans…if you are going to insult a nation, at least spell it right) fault.


My bad. I’m losing myself in the void. Under 18 can’t download it.

It breaks my Lich heart knowing nudity not on the Ps4 USA version.

Derketo is angry no USA Full Nudity.

Now you’re not making any sense.