Free Nudity DLC for Purchase During Preview

Bought the digital game through Xbox Store during game preview but didn’t receive the email regarding the free dlc.

What free DLC ??

On consoles, full nudity is apparently treated as a free DLC option. (Don’t blame Funcom. This one is squarely on the console manufacturers.)

The catch is that you can’t get it in the U.S. region. (Again, it’s the console manufacturers, not Funcom.)

It’s largely the result of the console companies and major retailers still overreacting to the “video games bad” stuff that happened in the '90s.


As a USA citizen here I will vouch here. For some reason in USA culture nudity is a very sensitive topic and people heavily overreact over it. Torture, genocide, butchered killings, executions, explosions, terrorist acts on video games and movies are perfectly fine to show our young… but by the gods a womans breast is to much for the delicate minds of our people sarcasm.


It has to do with the rating syatem used in different regions. Esrb sets standards in north america. Pegi is eu ratings.

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Sort of. The consoles and major retailers are just very gun shy about having AO rated content on those platforms in the U.S. region. Full nudity will get you an AO from the ESRB.

That’s it. Nothing stopping them from selling AO games except the fear of reprisal from the various MOM groups who still think AO = hardcore naughty magazines. They’re just not eager to have to testify before congress again or go through another alien sideboob scandal.


As already implied above, nudity settings are not controlled by Funcom. International content and platform laws cover that. No matter the setting you set, in some parts of the world, including the U.S.A., China, U.A.E (if I remember correctly) are ones that will not allow a game to be released if it has ‘adult’ content - and, under correction, that even covers if you play solo (?). Any game developer will have to ensure certain game settings, like ‘no nudity’, before they are allowed to release to console and/or to PCs. It’s archaic in my opinion, but as the game could be played by young players, some countries feel that their populations may not see in game what they can see if they look down, but they are welcome to chopping anything they see in-game to little bits. Go figure :slight_smile:

I’m in UK…nudity is not restricted in any way here. To be honest, I’m not really bothered but for the fact that the dlc is free to everyone who buys it now (included in the game), whereas I bought it during Preview. It’s like I’m being penalised for helping them out in their early days.

This cannot happen again.

The gist is there cannot be a law restricting the sale of video games by federal, state, or local based on its content as it is considered protected speech.

This doesn’t stop retailers as said before (since they too have free speech) but no one can get dragged to congress for this unless the ruling is overturned (unlikely for at least a generation).

Right now Sony and Microsoft are still operating under some outdated metric. Even Nintendo is taking a Valve (Steam) like stance towards 3rd party developers making adult content for their systems. Eventually Sony and Microsoft will cave. They’re literally the last holdouts.


Games get nudity all time, and some of them slip right thru with out a care in world.

For some reason, Xbox went with Nude DLC code. I assume as some weird safeguard.

Ps4 users basiclly got middle finger inless they imported it. (for bottom nudity anyway)

Keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel better. :wink:

Feel free to post evidence on the contrary. Otherwise my statement remains as fact and you remain wrong.

I can sum it up in just one word for you.


I rest my case. :relieved:

All I know is that I have the European game but I play in American official server. All the Americans I ve met on this server would love to have full nudity like me. So, this is hypocrisy, full nudity is not ■■■■■ but free expression. It is true that American people suffer a lot the last wear, but who didn’t? People like Trump should never decide for others, America is a symbol of liberty, a symbol of freedom, so it must be in front always.

i mean I am on PC and i have the american version of the game bought as well as playing on official servers. It says north american but my server is located in canada. But I do have the option to go full nude. Its nice every now and then. But for consoles its in the hands of microsoft and sony. As someone mentioned before the ESRB would have to rate this game for M mature or higher. Which means you’ll be asked for your ID and when a parent wants to know why and say this game is rated for mature audiences parents will freak out. But thats all avoided by disabling the nude options on consoles.

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I will move this to xbox because I think @Hugo might be able to help here.

Hugo, please note:

Hi @CRAIG, we’ll reach out to you privately to assist regarding this matter, as we’ll need to request some personal information.

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From personal experience, if politicians don’t have a leg to stand on. Its very easy to tell them to go f-- themselves.

I love Kanada, Brian Adams is my favorite. Ofcurce i am a fan of ‘waking up the neighbors’ season, not summer of 69 season, but i love evrything he sings. My best is ‘don’t drop that bomb on me’, the electric guitar in this song is omg.

You can actually see the boobs, its the vags and peens you cant see unless you cough cough set your microsoft account to say youre from the UK and then check out conan exiles on the store cough cough oh boy, excuse me.

(Seriously tho Funcom if telling people that was like, against your rules or something ill totally delete it, but alot of people dont seem to know this is an option and it doesnt seem to be against any rules or illegal or anything so i assumed its fine)