Free Nudity DLC for Purchase During Preview

I’m from the UK…

I see it all but i’m on Steam-PC. And my steam account has me set in the USA. I have the option to go full, parital, or no nudity. I swap it up sometimes here and there. But the butts are great >_>. We should be teachin future generations theres nothing wrong with talking about whats in between the legs either.

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Well i was talking about consoles lol. Specifically xbox.

I’m on Xbox and in the UK…as already stated multiple times… No need to change my location to UK cos I’m already here…I bought the game during Preview back in 2017…back when the dlc didn’t exist. We were all told that we would receive a code or something via email to get the dlc when it came out, which, to my knowledge, no one ever received. If I bought the game now, I’d get the dlc free, as part of a bundle. Everyone gets it for free if they buy it now but all of us who helped out during Preview don’t. Hugo has asked me to take a screenshot of an invoice as proof of purchase, but I bought it digitally through the Xbox Store…hence there wouldn’t be an invoice…
I’m not particularly bothered about the dlc per se, it’s the principal. Why should people who buy the game now get the dlc free when they purchase the game but those who bought it during Preview not get it? Preview customers are being penalised. I’m sure the funds generated during Preview were appreciated…

I’m not familiar with the Xbox store, but presumably there must be some sort of official page within your account showing all of the games that you own legitimately through that platform? Would it not be possible to screenshot that as proof?

(And, good news, topics stay open till seven days after the most recent reply - so you’re back up to seven days, rather than two, for whatever that’s worth.)

Yeah, I realised and editted re. the 7 days. “Yes”, I can view my Microsoft account on-line and I’ve provided the Order Number and my Xbox ID number but it’s not possible for an Xbox to take a screenshot of on-line content. And I don’t own a pc. Even if I could get access to a pc (the public library is closed due to C19), I wouldn’t know how to take a screenshot or how to get it to Hugo (I don’t have his email address)…I’m VERY computer illiterate.

Problem 1 - getting the screenshot - could you maybe take a photo of the appropriate screen using your phone? That would at least get you one step closer.

Problem 2 - getting it to Hugo - I presume based on your comments that, despite saying they would ‘reach out to you privately’, you haven’t actually received anything (I’ve been there with companies…). I also don’t have Hugo’s email address. But, if you can get the photo as suggested above, you should at least be able to upload that here (either to this thread - which I recommend against since it presumably may include private information - or in a direct message).

I would suggest a direct message - if you left click on a person’s name, you should see a box that looks something like this (though presumably slightly different on a phone or Xbox,(whichever you are using to access the forums) -

Clicking on the blue ‘Message’ button in the top right (of the PC version…) enables you to start a message to that individual (it looks just like a normal forum topic, so if you’re anything like me you may feel like you’ve done it wrong) and it should then be possible to upload the selected photo from your phone to that direct message.

Of course, a lot of this is how it works on PC, I don’t know how the forums appear on phone or Xbox, so things may work differently.

I hope this helps.

Hugo sent me a message asking me for my Xbox ID and proof of purchase. I gave him my ID and the Purchase Order number from my Microsoft account. As for taking a photo…er, my phone is 15 years old and is just downright broken. I just don’t have a need for a phone…good idea, though.

Well, I MIGHT have sent the image Hugo requested. In my Microsoft Account, the purchase in question had a unique https address. I copied it then clicked on Hugo’s name as you suggested, clicked ‘Message’ and then clicked on the icon that looks like a mountain and selected ‘from web’ where I Pasted the https address and sent it. No idea if Hugo will receive an image or a long row of numbers and letters :joy:
Whether it works or not, thanks for all your help :+1:

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