Why cant i Get full nudity in the US

I bought Conan because my friend has it and he lives in the UK can play together and he told me about full nudity and that i should enable it. i cant because the farthest i can go is Half and he said i need to download the Free Nudity DLC but i cant get the dlc because it is not in the store so i change the location of my Xbox to the UK and i saw it but i have to buy the game again just to have full nudity which is free every were else. Why is that and don’t say that the US has different standards.

It took me awhile to figure out how to enable nudity. I had to go into the admin tab and make myself admin. Then either exit to the main menu or exit the game. I can’t remember which.

The admin tab is only accessible while in game for me. I play on PC though so I don’t know if this will help or not for the XBox.

Sorry, but the U.S. does have different standards. In this particular case though, you can put the blame squarely on the console manufacturers. (And maybe just a little bit on the big box retailers.)

They were made into scapegoats back in the '90s, as well as a couple of times in the following decade, and to this day they are still pretty gun shy about this sort of thing. Last thing they want is a repeat of the clown show that is testifying before congress. As a result, they are very reluctant to have AO rated content on their platforms.

On the positive side, there are some indications that that attitude may be changing. Notably Nintendo has apparently taken a stance similar to Steam, which is to just be a retail/gaming platform and let the free market do it’s thing. If you don’t want AO stuff, don’t buy it. If you do, you have every right to it.

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Like other topics, Its ESRB and its Rating system. Compared to Pegi system, ESRB lacks a good Option between M and AO games. Were Pegi has pretty clear line of 18+ games and Adult.

Not really standards of western world… Its Moms and Dads who get sit thru ESRB viewing runs…and fact any game slapped with AO rating will never be sold at Target or Walmart of anywere. So changes happen to get right rating.

And ya, ESRB needs over haul. Cause ya, some games get M tag and allow full nudity with ■■■ with out a care in world.
And a game with Lore friendly nudity is…just not able to get by. XD

Last I checked, it was fairly easy for Xbox users to get full nudity. May need YouTube it. Inless they changed how dlc worked.

Ps4 users basically had to import it and make a UK PSN accoutn if they wanted DLC. =/

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Because it’s worse to show bare breasts than literally cutting someone in half, apparently. The world is mad.

This is assuming the US version lets you cut people in half, of course.


And that is your opinion. Just like the ESRB is just an opinion.

Unless you’re one of those people who don’t realize that the ESRB is a private entity. Its not publicly funded. Its not governmentally regulated. They are merely a journalistic entity with free speech protections.

The issue is not the ESRB. The issue is people buying products that self regulate themselves on ESRB opinions. If you don’t like censorship, don’t buy systems from Microsoft and Sony. By buying a Xbox or Playstation you are saying “I 100% agree with their censorship.”

If you are playing Conan Exiles on one of those systems, its because you wanted to play a censored version. If you try to say otherwise, just gibberatic falsehood comes out.

Those who want censorship buy Xbox/PS, those who don’t buy PC instead. You might as well consider that the 4th Law of Thernodynamics. Its not debatable.

You might have an irrelevant opinion that sounds different. But your actions are speaking much much much louder.

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To be fair, most people don’t have this knowledge of who censors what and only find out after the fact. As a PC player I did not have this knowledge myself until lately.
And the real issue is people forcing their unwanted and unfounded religious beliefs on the rest of us.


Who’s forcing it on you?

There’s a reason the only console I own is a Switch. They don’t censor. Don’t support Xbox/PS and they’ll change. But you do have other options.

And to play devil’s advocate. You can’t force your religious beliefs on others either. You simply do business with those who’s morals align with yours. That’s how this works.


It’s a valid question that a lot of people should be asking themselves. Particularly the ones forcing their anti-religious beliefs on the rest of us. Is it really so much to ask that people just leave each other alone?

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Its obvious that they’re letting emotion guide their opinions. They didn’t even bother to read the rest of the response there.

But you’re right, there’s too many people that have a hate-bonr for religions because of one bad experience, or a rebellious reaction to having one day taken away from their time playing because of their parents being stupid.

And then they think anyone with a spiritual belief is part of the problem. Well we’re not. Like I said, they didn’t read the second part of the post where I say I don’t like censorship. Whether it be for religious reasons or for cultural. And the latter is the main reason two souless entities like Microsoft and Sony do this.

But no, lets blame some extinct cult that came across the ocean about 400 years ago because it makes us feel better. Its ridiculous and doesn’t help anything. Instead they should be supporting platforms that don’t censor, because policies set by souless corporations go where the money is.

If money is in censorship, they will censor. If it isn’t, they’ll stop. Its literally that simple.

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Well either way, at least we’ll have chicken. :yum:


I admire how this technical question (how to enable nudity) escalated into an opportunity to preach on “religious rights”.

Maybe I’ll open a thread on how to change the game’s resolution to see it turn into a discussion about the most perfect solution for the Israeli–Palestinian conflict. That’ll most likely help to solve both problems.


I wouldn’t say it is that cut and dry. Some play on them and don’t care about nudity and/or gore levels. The may prefer the plug in play nature of console gaming. IF yo solely play PC, I would not say you only want to see virtual nudity. I would rather feel maybe you have more personality depth than that.

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If you are playing on a console you do not have the option to have full nudity. This is due to the standards the industry adopted to keep the government from telling them how to produce their games in the U.S. They felt that self policing was better than legislation from Congress. The standard that is used here is ESRB. In Europe, the standard is known as PEGI, does allow full nudity.