Nudity for the US version

Wheres my full nudity on the US version? If i pay for the full game i want the FULL game


region specific restrictions are not created by funcom itself but are regulations of the respective region. if you want to change them, just contact the respective legislative institution and ask for a change of the restrictions. good luck!


He’s speaking of the US region. There is no legislative limitations in the United States. Not on the federal level and not on the state nor local level. Video games were determined to be protected speech in all forms.

The issue is that Sony (for Playstation) and Microsoft (for Xbox) will not allow full nudity on their respective systems within the US for what they have determined to be cultural reasons. This is a corporate limitation. To get full nudity on those systems, one would need to convince either Sony or Xbox to allow for it on their systems within the US.

I support this, but unfortunately I have no personal stake and can’t really do much. I have neither system so I doubt they would listen to me. I do have a Switch though, which would likely allow full nudity due to Nintendo’s recent change of policy concerning adult content (they more or less went the Steam route). So I guess you could say I’m speaking with my wallet on the matter. (Could CE run on a Switch? That’d be interesting. I bet they’d allow mods too, but I don’t want to get off track)

true but not true. if you want a specific age rating you have restrictions and the US limitations are higher than e.g. the ones in europe. consoles are a totally different story. if your service provider, and in this case sony and microsoft are the service providers, limits what is allowed you have to follow or leave the platform. also not really a funcom issue. so if we talk about consoles, sony or microsoft is your contact person. finally: what ever platform we talk about, this forum or funcom looks not like the right contact person

That’s surprising. I don’t have a Switch, so I don’t keep up with the news on it, but Nintendo is pretty much the last of the console companies I’d have expected to go that route given their typical demographic.

Don’t get me wrong. I fully support and applaud them for it if that’s the case. People should be free to buy what they want, regardless of content or who might find it objectionable. Don’t like it, don’t buy it. That’s free market capitalism. A filter to keep the really adult stuff from just popping up on the screen when Junior is browsing is about all that’s needed. The virtual form of that curtain of mystery video stores used to have. (You know, back when video stores were a thing. :wink: )

Those ratings still aren’t federal though, despite popular belief. The ESRB is an entity created by the video game industry specifically to keep the federal government out of it. The console makers and retail giants simply followed up on that with general store policies saying they won’t carry AO rated stuff.


Me thinks OP is perhaps underage?

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Play on PC. You get full nudity in US. If that really is actually important, which I fail to see why it would be.



Conan Exiles on the US and on Steam does not have a ESRB rating. Funcom didn’t bother getting the PC version rated. There was no need to since Steam doesn’t require it.

As I said and sourced the reasoning behind it. There is not legislation on video game content, nor can there be on any level in the US. Its literally against the country’s founding document to have such a law. Its basically like trying to see if you can have the sun rise from the west.

Is this really your biggest issue with Conan?? Damm some people really are lucky. Good for you. I can’t even get trough the intro video without lag or crashing

Its ESRB, Sony and MS do not give a flying fudge… (in most cases)

Most rating systems outside US, have a M, 18+ and a Adult rating.

ESRB has M and AO. AO just isnt sold anywere… Best buy and Gamestop will never carry it and sales would be low. Which everyone blames Sony or MS for.

There no middle ground like other rating systems.

ESRB judges certain aspects and gives feedback on what has to go. It happens…

CDR for Cyberpunk says it will have full nudity… its toss up. The rating is techinally out as M, And so far ok… it takes some angry moms to compline and ESRB might have change rating.

ESRB sucks… and needs rework its old systems. =/


Unless you’re Rockstar or CD Projekt Red you mean. Funny how those “core values” get pushed aside when the zeroes behind the dollar signs get high enough.

Oh no this game is buggy as hell, i have posted other threads.

oh ok, sweet bro

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