Please Add Full Nudity In The US For All Platforms

All due respect Funcom this is outrageous other places like Europe for an example has full nudity option but here in the US only gets none and partial but not full nudity? This is just plain stupid if you don’t want full nudity in the US then you might as well not allow full nudity in all conturies so I’m giving you a choice either give full nudity to all nations including US or just none & partial for all nations cause its not fair that we are the only ones who don’t get complete nudity but others do. I know it’s childish for complaining about something like this but I have the right to complain weather or not it sounding childish so please add full nudity to the US I don’t care how you add it I wouldn’t even mind if its a DLC to buy from the PlayStation store or the Marketplace on X-Box I just want full nudity to be available for all nations including the US & I’m sure I’m not the only one who is unhappy with you’re decision about not including this in the US so please add full nudity to the US for all platforms.

This has been answered in numerous other threads on the subject. Due to ESRB ratings it is not possible to do so and to reach the largest possible audience. An Adult Only rate prevents the game from being offered for consoles.