Don't have "full" nudity option on PS4

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [oceania]

Hey guys,
Just curious as to why I don’t have the “full” nudity option when creating a character on PS4?
All my friends have the option but when I open the menu it only says “none” or “partial”.
We all live local so it doesn’t seem to be a region problem.


US versions of the game only have the partial option. Censored by either the ESRB or Sony.

You can only get full nudity if you purchase a UK version of the game.

This is incorrect, the Australian version has it, which makes it very baffling regarding the OP’s region, as they list Oceania as their region. As for the OP, did you buy this game digitally or get it on disc? Also, where did you get it from.

Thanks for the correction. Didn’t know about the Australian version.

Thanks to all the parents here in the US for buying their children rated M games and then b**ching about mature content. Smh.
Sorry. I know that was unrelated but the whole censorship fiasco here is ridiculous.


Thanks for the reply! I am from Australia and I purchased the disc at EB games. It’s weird, because I bought a second copy that day for a friend and he has the “full” option. I’m not a weirdo but I do think having the full nudity option would be a lot more hilarious so I want to get it working haha

If you did buy the game pre-owned, it is possible someone got away with trading in a US version and that’s what you ended up with, because I own an Australian version (got it from EB Games as well) myself and have full nudity, so I would suggest checking the disc and the cover for what rating is on there. If you bought it new and bought it very recently, I would suggest taking it back to the store for a replacement copy.

I’m in Canada and it’s the same as the US with no full option.

So it’s not just the US.
I got my game via the free PS plus deal this month.

I’m guessing Canada uses the US store.

Same. Kinda annoying to be honest. It seems petty, but it’s a feature of the game being denied… if I’m gonna deal with all these bugs and issues I want the option to beat someone to death with my third leg lol

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I concur all round – also in Canada with the same silly limitation due to that paragon of puritanical world virtue, the US of A… yup, no irony there.
Let’s all insist on a patch that allows players in N America to properly & fully enjoy the complete version of the game without such silly over watch.


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