Why only have partial nudity on systems

I think you should add full nudity in with the next update so people on systems like the ps4 and xbox one don’t feel like they got tricked by the game since the pc has full nudity .it would also get more sales

This has come up so many times, it is only the US version on PS4 and Xbox One that doesn’t have full nudity, it is an issue with the ESRB, not the developers, meaning there will be no full nudity on the US version for the foreseeable future. If you want a console version with full nudity that badly, here are some options for that;

  1. Import the game from a country that has full nudity in the game. (Europe, Australia and New Zealand to name a few.)
  2. Create an account in a region where the game has full nudity, and purchase the game digitally.
  3. This option only applies to the Xbox One, switch your account’s region to that of a country that has full nudity, buy the game and switch your account back to the original region after the purchase is complete.

Regardless of which of these options you choose, a US account can play a version of the game that has full nudity.


Well i can totally understand why us players are dissapointed about the missing polygons on their Avatars but it is like the pictures in the dlcs: there is one that looks as if you can build pools with the juwel of the west pack… so its all commercials.

Option 4: Change the American cultural mentality so that they realize that brutally killing people is wrong, and that sexuality is an essential element required for the continuation of our species and should not be demonized. You could start by writing to your Congressman (at least that’s what they always said in the PSAs in the 1980’s and early 1990’s cartoons).


Yeah um ESRB sensors murder as well. The rating system in America is not to limit anyone but to keep parents informed that a game may contain content that the parent doesnt want the child to see. If a developer releases a censored version of the game its for more sales, not because some politician thinks sexuality is demonic. This forum is not the place for politics. And you are playing a game that promotes the senseless murder of trillions of thrall living free daily just so you can make a brick 20 seconds faster. Pretending to roll on the floor laughing Oh yeah, I senselessly murder thralls all day long as well so its cool.

Wait… Is violence also censored in the US version of Conan Exiles? The dismemberments, decapitations, huge pools of blood, etc.? I didn’t know this.

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Thankfully the U.S. has moved on from the days when a small red splotch visible for two seconds was enough to get you hauled in to testify before Congress. But there still have been a few cases over the years where images of violence resulted in a ratings controversy.

At this point though it does have to be pretty extreme for violence alone to get you the AO rating. Usually blood and guts will get you an M and as long as there isn’t something else to push it over the edge, they’ll leave it at that.

Just FYI, an M rating means the game will probably prompt the cashier to card you as it’s scanned at the register. Outside of that, people are generally just as ignorant on the subject as they were back in the early 90s. :confounded:

And for the record, the ESRB doesn’t censor anything. They review a list of content and give you a rating based on that. If you get an AO rating, you can still sell your game. It’s the retailers and console manufacturers who may refuse to allow it. Mostly because they’re trying to avoid being targeted by the stereotypical “angry mom” activists and opportunistic politicians.

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No but violence contributes to the rating score. I can link the ESRB page if I need to but its seriously a google search away. ESRB has never once limited a game. Its only a tool for parents. Developers limit their games because they want a wider audience to see their content.

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Oh, I’m quite aware of the ESRB system. I just wasn’t sure whether you were, based on the part I quoted in my previous post.

My point was, the current ESRB rating is fine because you can’t see genitals but you can see a human chopped into bits. If you left the “chopping into bits” part out but showed genitals, do you think the rating would stay the same? Would a game with full frontal nudity but zero violence be M-rated? Somehow I doubt it.

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Hah, you’re the best! It’s a weird thing, but we Americans just aren’t so sure about nudity. I love it, but how are you supposed to sell clothes if people aren’t afraid and ashamed of their bodies?

I guess its just a British tradition that we clung to. Be happy you can see ankles in the game hahahaha

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Those pools were made by building foundations over water, leaving gaps with stairs to simulate the pools. It’s clever building practices

i know - but somehow it gives a bad touch when they Show us in previewpictures pools -i really hoped there would be now extra waterblocks- it was the only reason why i bought that dlc

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