Full Nudity should be added to consoles

Explain to me how Full nudity is ok for PC? And not consoles?

The rating is Mature.

Talk to sony and mircosoft.

17 and up should be playering this game.Fully Nudist should be an option.

Fully nudity forces you to equip yourself or be naked.

Fully nudity empowers players.

Full nudity can be use as a distraction.

Full nudity isn’t ■■■. So no baby making action.

The rating system and what is or is not allowed is not up to Funcom. Saying full nudity is based on PC versus Console is incorrect. It is based on the rating system in each country/region. A Mature rated console game in the US follows the ESRB. I think that’s the correct initials. However consoles located outside of the US, follow the PEGI rating system. PEGI allows for full nudity, whereas the ESRB doesn’t.

In terms of actual game play there is no difference in nudity settings. If you are wearing a loincloth or are completely naked; you would have the same armor points and be just as susceptible to the effects of the temperature.

Assuming you were on an Xbox in the UK, you could obtain a fee nudity patch from Microsoft. However a US based Xbox cannot access that same patch. If you really, really need full nudity, there are how to postings on Reddit for the Xbox. I don’t know if there are any for the Playstation, but I would assume so.

The counter-argument is ‘partial nudity allows you to be semi-clothed without equipping anything.’

Could you elaborate? I’m actually very interested in hearing this one fleshed out.

I have been playing this for several months and have never known nudity to prolong life in any capacity. If anything it just gives them a bigger target to swing for. (Sliders to the right!!)

This assumes “baby making action” is the crux of nudity being disabled. I do not think that is the case…

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It’s determined by region, ESRB, and by the hoster (Steam, Microsoft, and Sony). I don’t exactly know how it works in the US, but Steam doesn’t care about nudity, so we have full access on PC (and let’s be fair, even if we didn’t, there would be mods for it haha). But on console, both Microsoft and Sony are a full stop “no” within the US, doesn’t matter what the game is (as far as I know). Bottom line though, it’s out of Funcoms control on how nudity is regarded in the US.


Everyone knows partial nudity was put in because of PVPers. Full nudity allows solo players a better chance when being raided. Duhhhhh!!!


I didn’t realize part of it was also decided by Steam/Sony/Microsoft. I thought it was all region and rating based. I’ll keep that in mind next time I answer this.

My main point was Funcom is not part of the decision making process.

If someone really wants it, nudity is obtainable. Instead of complaining to Funcom, treat it as a challenge an have at it. :grin:

I for example have a US Xbox and have managed to play with full nudity. It took some time and research, but I figured it out.

Just my two cents. Now my wife however thinks I’m at the level of a 14 year old.
So my two cents might be worth less.

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From all I looked into this, it works like this:

Sony and Microsoft are ■■■■ and refuse to allow ADULTS ONLY (AO) rated content on their consoles. They are trying to go the family friendly route the same as Nintendo.

The ESRB in the USA counts bare genitalia as Adults Only.

Therefore, to show characters naked from the waist down and sell this game in America, Funcom would be required to slap an AO rating on it.

It does not matter that this is essentially non-sexual nudity. That is how the ESRB handles things.

For my part, I think the ESRB is completely ■■■-backward without any sort of common sense at all. They are perfectly willing to allow softcore ■■■■ into video games under the M rating. (Don’t believe me? Look at the one cutscene in the original Red Dead Redemption. Worthy of Skinimax any day.)

Yet a non-erect penis, and what amounts to an extremely hairy vagina, are absolutely forbidden. Which is dumb.

The only way you are going to combat this is purchase an EU region version of Conan Exiles and play that. It is uncensored and uses PEGI, so Sony or Microsoft can’t do squat about it.

I originally was going for an EU version of this game. Not because I’m overly interested in naked characters, but because I believe this sort of censorship is wrong for a game that is meant for 18 and over.

Blame idiotic bad parents that let their children play anything and everything.

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Quit bring this topic back Bryan, you get told the same thing everytime and ignore the facts. It’s not a Funcom issue.

OMG, another pointless thread in the making…

I think Funcom puts a flag in all their games
#if_bryan-skull disable_adult content

I personally like the part where “Full nudity can be a distraction.”

It implies that all of the gamers playing Exiles are nothing but overly ■■■■■ men who go into drooling fits whenever they see a boob.

Maybe that is what he hopes, thinking it’ll give him an edge in combat.

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Yeah, that got me… like I won’t caveman club a thrall coz she’s showing her assets…
Mind you I’ve not clubbed Thralls for not having any assets… :blush:

Yeah, just consider the PVP ramifications.

All those G.I.R.L.S running around naked so they can be given gear and not cut in half like the male characters.

You auto assume female toons are the only ones to distract. To distract would be both male and female.

The US is the worst thing to happen to US citizens since ever. First, we don’t get DC’s Titans on Netflix(among other shows) and then we get the ESRB who happen to view a woman’s breasts as the biggest threat to modern society since the advent of Communism. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Making it AQ would be worth everyone time. It would have gain Conan Exiles support and still sell tons or More.

Conan Exiles is not for children.

This was hilarious! XD

I just wish Funcom would add mobile phones to the game so when I’m close to starving I can just order a pizza through Uber…

Oh and of course add pizza and Uber’s… silly me…

Great idea! takes notes

On topic: As many pointed out, this is really not up to us :slight_smile:


This thread has gone off the rails, so I’m going to lock it.

Regarding OPs original question:

Including full nudity in Conan Exiles would have resulted in a more restrictive ESRB rating in North America, which would have prevented a broad release. The level of nudity depicted in Conan Exiles distributed in different regions is consistent with the assigned rating information; full nudity in PEGI regulated regions/markets and limited nudity in North America. It isn’t uncommon for publishers to distribute slightly different versions of a game depicting slightly different content given local standards that are reflected in the rating information assigned by each rating authority.