Great game its missing things

I have been playing Conan Exiles for a month maybe 2 now and I have enjoyed the game very much but I recently learned there is full nudity in Europe game vision but not American Games.
It’s a bummer to play the game and not get to be naked running around the server full nude I have even allies in the server but yet I can’t make an official alliance only can say we are allied it would be nice to not have my thralls running out to kill my allies.
It would make the game better if there was a Paige for alliances and release an update that allows American consoles to see full nude if they wanna see it.
As stated I was very disappointed when I realized I could not be fully naked and could not make known alliances granted I love the feature that tribes can’t take everything they own or mass amount of what they own to a raid.
But I would love to see 3 thralls controlled by one player or even just 2 and even see my thralls ride a horse.
Another feature I would love to see is your thralls that are naked should be allowed to be picked up and put away once a thrall has nothing in its inventory then it can be put away in a box.
I would also like to see the ability to dress up thralls that work on The Wheel of Pain like put them in full armor you apply them plus they should be able to help in fighting say the base is attacked they run in they should be able to fight back instead of being a kidnapped victim.
I wish they also had ways of teleporting not just to Obs but from obs back to base if you have a map set up you should be able to teleport back to base if you want with ur horse and thrall.
Just a few ideas of what the game is missing I have thousands more but the one thing that makes this game better than Ark PVP Raid Times loves it 6 pm - 11 pm people can be home and able to be online to defend their stuff wish ark had that but they do not.

Can’t be fully naked on xbox/playstation due to ESRB and stuff. Something about the way that the tech companies port games to consoles. On PC you can, but apparently if you go from a monitor to a TV screen suddenly nudity can’t exist anymore. (Side Note: This is the exact same reason you can’t use certain words when naming things.)

see that’s why Funcom needs to get their game updated look at CyberPunk 2077 tons of bugs and lags but yet they got the right for full nude I know Funcom can do it they seem to not want to is what I am getting at.

I don’t think it’s a funcom thing. I think the only reason Cyberpunk got away with it is the political bent they had when the pushed for it. I’m not wanting to push too far into the politics of it, but suffice it to say that Cyberpunk was published long after Conan was (comparatively speaking) and political ideologies have shifted a bit.

I don’t know where you heard this, but I’m on PC in the USA and have full nudity and it doesn’t matter if it’s on my monitor or on my TV.

I connect to the both the Monitor and TV with HDMI cable. But I don’t see how that matters.

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It was mostly a comment about how PCs are usually connected to monitors and consoles are on TV. Apparently, PC is fine but if you put it on a console suddenly your murder/slavery simulation game has to be “family friendly”

Ah I got you,
It’s actually the console game distributers that dictate the games rating, or what rating a game must have if they are willing to distribute the game.

Most USA distributers think of consoles as toys, so they wont distribute or limit distribution on games they deem “inappropriate” for children.

PC doesn’t have the same scrutiny as consoles, because distributors don’t slap a “for children” label on PC

Censorship is ridiculous and hypocritical IMO.

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I’m considered how passionate you are about the birthday suits.

I went from a monitor to a TV on PC and still get the same nudity options.

I was playing on a high frame rate 1080p super ultra wide and moved to an HDR 10+ 4K TV :tv: - Nothing changed.

Nudity in Conan Exiles is kind of just a novelty feature tho. As a modeler it’s interesting to see the level of detail they chose to include/exclude. But after you’ve seen it for 10min it serves no utility or function.

See my above post to clarify my meaning about Monitors vs TV’s :slight_smile:

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I’m passionate about it all but being naked is rare to have in a game and should be open more

So let’s get a few things straight here. This topic is very much very often misunderstood, and don’t take this as an insult, but you’ve done the same thing here. This isn’t because of anything wrong on your part, its just ignorance on a complex issue. So I’m going to dispel some myths here.

First thing is first. Absolutely no content in a video game can be regulated in the United States by any form of government. Not federal, not state, not county, nor municipality. This is due to a Supreme Court decision: Brown v. Entertainment Merchants Association - Wikipedia

So due to that decision, the United States has less regulation than most others in the fact that we simply cannot and do not have them. There is probably one exception, and requires showing real (non-rendered) photo/video of something that is universally illegal, and not suitable for discussion on these forums.

Next thing is the Entertainment Software Rating Association (ESRB). This is NOT a government entity in the United States. It is a self-regulating Non-profit entity. A private organization. No retailer or producer of video games is beholden to them. It is a service that a both can use to show consumers an easy way of the content of their games. It is entirely optional.

Now we’ll explain why nudity is restricted on systems like Xbox and Playstation. Xbox is ran by Microsoft, and Playsation is ran by Sony. Microsoft and Sony have decided to self censor themselves within the North American (pretty sure its NA, maybe a Canadian and/or Mexican can attest to this) markets. This was their personal choice to do so.

You’ll notice on Steam that Conan Exiles does NOT have a ESRB rating in the United States. Funcom has never bothered to have it rated by the ESRB (I think it costs money to do so too). They simply use the content tags supplied by Valve. Valve has taken a stance that they do not censor games on their platform. Too my knowledge Epic Game Store is the same way.

So with all that said. If you’re looking for full nudity. Believe it or not, Funcom isn’t the one to discuss it with. They’ve done everything they can to bring it to you. You’ll need to contact your consoles’ developer and the ones who runs your online retailing and tell them to change their policies. Funcom has to follow those even to be able to offer the game to you.

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