PS4 and Xbox One versions of Conan Exiles should have nudity without underwear

Information is still not common knowledge, can Funcom or the PS4 and Xbox One testers confirm what type of censorship the console versions have? If Conan Exiles has censorship of nudity, it should be of the pixelation kind, not the underwear kind. The purity of nudity should not be defiled nor covered by underwear when someone is nude. At least with pixelation, nudity can be visually acknowledged as being nude, whereas underwear leaves no room for roleplaying nor imagination to block out the fact that underwear is unrealistically covering up what should not be covered.

it really is a big deal. Nudity is a part of human nature and a part of the art of Conan Exiles’s adult and mature expression of the world and natural nature of the human body.

And there are games that even Sony approves, that have nudity, such as the Saints Row games, The Witcher 3, perhaps Outlast, MGS2, and other games that don’t need mods to have at least pixelated nudity.
and those games dont get slapped with an AO rating. they get M rating and approved by ESRB and consoles.

so Conan Exiles shouldn’t pull punches with console version nudity. nudity is a part of the game and should not be cut. Of course conservatives will be like the game is fun without that, but that pushes the industry back to the cradle instead of growing up into adulthood with these subjects. Gaming is not exclusive to kids and shouldn’t be limited by sensitive types that ignorantly condemn nudity in games, while they get ready for a new season of Game of Thrones and have a history of watching things like The Terminator and Excalibur.

Of course, being realistic with console policies, we know uncensored genitals are pretty much not allowed on consoles, but they can let pixelation censorship slide instead of devs resorting to the shameful “fruit of the loom” solution.

its easy to youtube “Saints Row 2 nude” and other key words, and see lots of examples of Xbox One and PS4 games in particular that let even full frontal nudity slide. uncensored nipples, etc. etc.and of course countless examples of uncovered posteriors.

So please, for the sake of not dumbing down Conan Exiles physical nature and the adult level maturity of its art, please resort to pixelation censorship instead of underwear censorship. there’s plenty of PS4 examples of nudity that funcom can slam in ESRB’s face, so ESRB can’t force underwear on people when they should be naked when they are naked, and only wear garments when the player chooses to wear garments. Conan Exiles can further encourage the console industry to be more flexible and mature towrads nudity, just like they allow even ultra violence to exist in gaming (like MKX). So it’s wrong and foolish to condemn nudity, but allow graphic violence in console games. Nudity is innocent and pure and the truth of the body.

Censorship is a delusion in itself conceived by cowardly and ignorant minds. Censorship is deception in itself, deceiving the masses from the natural truth and biological facts of the human body.

Also, from what I seen of the PC version, I love how it has the most realistic first person view ever, having the body more visible from the chest to waist down. Too many games still resort to floating arms, or just feet. or just up to the legs or waist, when realistically, human eyes should be able to see their body from the chest down, and its amazing Conan Exiles does not overlook that natural detail. Hopefully the console version doesnt dumb that down. like what happened with Project Eden, on PC it has realistic first person view and full body visible awareness in first person, but on console it was cut down to the legs.

Well looking forward to hearing what direction they are taking with PS4/X1 versions nudity. it would sell more copies the more nudity it has for the player avatar. and if console versions include the more realistic first person view of their own body, that would make it one of the most immersive games ever.


From what I’ve heard, there is a DLC that European players can download to unlock nudity. Could be as simple as using a VPN or changing your region settings, and then downloading that DLC. I’ve heard this for Xbox at least.


Thanks! At least Xbox One seems to be getting an option to unlock nudity, though it is a shame if PS4 doesn’t have any nudity at all. are they seriously going to resort to underwear? nothing wrong with pixelation or lights covering those areas.

even Senran Kagura Estival Versus is approved with all the nudity they have, has nudity in single player, multiplayer, everywhere, and even got a localized physical release. I can show videos but not sure if that’s allowed here, but anyways people can easily youtube the nudity that exists in PS4 games that have those things, and at most they use pixelation or lights or just small rectangles to cover up certain parts, but at least their method, a character can still be acknowledge they are nude. but unremovable underwear leaves no room for the imagination nor roleplaying at all.

so there’s really no need to have unremovable underwear. the developers can be able to convince ESRB and Sony to let pixelation nudity slide, they can just demonstrate examples like the Saints Row games nudity, and Senran Kagura Estival Versus. those games got a Mature rating and weren’t forced to keep their underwear on. I have the Senran Kagura EV case with me right now. it says Mature rating "Partial Nudity " (there is literally full nudity in the gameplay, I guess the lights on the nips and crotch make it count as partial nudity, see, Conan Exiles doesn’t have to resort to underwear), Sexual Themes, Strong Language, Violence, that’s it. and the game has stripping and more sexual themes than other games on console. how did they get away with localizing such a sexual liberating game on console with an Mature rating?

I feel with the right demonstrations to ESRB and Sony of games that were approved despite their blatant nudity, they would allow nudity to exist in the PS4 version just with pixelation covering those areas. hopefully the devs convince them to let things slide, just like God of War games and other series have nudity. well ok most of them only show breasts, but even wearng no bottoms, no underwear, should be allowed for both sexes, it just takes some pixelation to make Sony happy, and they can reach a compromise that way instead of cutting nudity from the game. mandatory underwear would defile the art and disrespect the personal freedom and nature the game should preserve on both consoles.

maybe they can give Volition (Saints Row 2 /3/4 devs) a call on how they avoided AO rating and got away with full nudity on PS3 and PS4, without resorting to mods nor DLC.


Wow. Two whole essays about in game dangly parts. Shine on, you crazy diamond.

To echo another, full nudity on consoles will be region based. Been playing on PC myself, so I get the full dong slider in all it’s glory. Long story short on why some outlets get the dick and others don’t, is ERSB doesn’t like penis. And Microsoft.

But, I’d prefer a feasible loin cloth as censorship than a pixelated block, or unexplained lights. The examples you mention have very different tone and aesthetic to Conan Exiles. Senran etc sounds like an anime/manga/hentai styled game. Creative censorship is part of the genre. The Saints Row series is in large part about shock value and a modern setting. Pixels fit perfectly there. While Witcher 3 had plenty of softcore ■■■, there was never a penis on screen.

Is it silly how American culture has such wildly different standards towards ■■■ and violence? Absolutely. Does it make sense for a company to choose that as a moral battleground? Not really. They’ve got games to develop.

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Why are people obsessed with this feature? Sure its neat to an extent if you kill someone and they drop their loot on death but aside from trolling around it servers no purpose to this game.

On a side note, being European, we have a lot more maturity for that kind of content, so ofcourse we will get the option to unlock it. Blame the sensitivity of your regional audience if it isn’t an option.

Why are you so obsessed with violence and killing and stealing? something must be wrong with you.

it seems human principles are backwards with gaming culture in general.
painting violence and killing as example, but nudity and sexual themes is kept in the closet.

Like really. it’s attitudes like that which keep the industry in the cradle instead of growing into adulthood.

Nudity is reality, ■■■ is reality, and Conan Exiles has nudity on PC, and its a part of the game and a part of the developers vision for the game. So it does have meaning and naturally fits in its world and circumstances. even after people start wearing clothes, still, the nude element adds more mature realism and respect towards nudity. If someone starts nude, then they should be visually nude, that is just common sense.

but your comment basically is siding with the corrupt censorship control freak masses that want to limit and restrict things, instead of allowing the art the freedom of expression and nature of the art. nudity is a part of humanity and how Conan Exiles begins and generally a freedom all humans have the right to make use of, instead of chained to garments.

so nudity serves purposes, it completes the fundamental nature of human existence and one of the basic freedoms and necessities humans have. one, the scenario begins with the player naked on a cross. two, some people like to be naked when they feel like it, three, some like to go swimming naked. just three of countless examples of how nudity has a purpose and should not be masked nor hidden nor cut from the game.

but of course, conservatives and backwards thinkers prefer to be slaves to political correctness and closed minded cultures that betray the very essence of humanity and choose to be enemies to the basic freedoms all humans have, especially in a world like Conan Exiles, nudity is a more common thing, especially in that time and place and circumstances.


Why are you dodging the female subject? You think only males populate the game? there are females too and players can play as a woman as well. Conan Exiles has both male and female genitalia, so why in every single paragraph you only speak of male genitalia when the game has both male and female genitalia?

Why some kids act like games are just for males? Games that especially have character creation and the option to be female, are also intended for female gamers as well

Overall, a fair person that equally respects both sexes, would mention both sexes, not that referring to one ■■■. So I take it you are largely biased and have some issue against females in general

Funcom has “games to developer”, but that doesn’t mean they should not do the bare minimum nudity that can clearly be passable on PS4, besides Xbox One, in all regions, namely north america as well

othe PS4 games get away with nudity, so can Conan Exiles, but they won’t get anywhere providiing a more presentable expression of the art, with male and female nudity being a part of the art, if they give up and surrender to resorting to underwear, which is not nudity, and offends the original vision of the art.

sure, companies like Sony have policies, but they can bend the rules, they have before and can do so again if Funcom gets a fair compromise going with pixellation or minor black bar censorship, instead of underwear method, which is excessive.

if they 100% have their hands tied, and ESRB and Sony refuse anything less than underwar, at least make it a G string taht is barely noticable. but I still say if Funcom fights the good fight, they can make nudity happen on PS4 and Xbox One without resorting to region specific DLC.

of course there’s more to the game besides nudity, but nudity is a part of the original game, it is an insult to the game and the developers vision for the game, to cut the option to be nude from the game. both males and females deserve to be nude anytime, and there are already examples of censorship that does not resort to cloth to be allowed on the platforms, and still express the fact the player character is nude.

pixelated blocks are better than loin cloth, loin cloths eliminate nudity and defiles the nature of nudity. It is ignorant for people to even perceive someone in underwear as “nude”.
it sends the wrong message to people about what is nude, and cause ignorant people to be extra sensitive towards the more skin people expose.

At least with pixelated blocks, there is still a visual artistic acknowledgement the character is nude, whereas wearing underwear cannot be seen as nude.

Saints Row series being about “shock value and modern setting” does excuse it any more than Conan Exiles from having pixelated nudity as well.

you see, its narrow minded perceptions that miss the fact that nudity can be acceptable in any game so long as it has the minimum level of censorship, which is pixelated cover ups, which is worlds better than cloth based cover ups. When a body starts wearing underwear, it stops being nude, which contradicts the game’s vision and fundamental freedom that the console versions should include.

It would be so cowardly and degrading for Funcom to resort to underwear instead of pixelation. nudity would make the game stand out even more as a more adult and mature and proud game.

without even the freedom of being nude, most people would just stick with games like ARK SE since they would see Conan Exiles doesn’t have the boldness to be true to its freedoms and art instead of cowering behind loincloths like an ignorant uneducated child.

sure the general attitude can pass off the cut nudity, as something irrelevant, but that would be spineless pandering to the conservative status quo

and handing another victory for the backwards thinking control freaks that want to condemn and hide the very art and purity of the human sexes and human forms.


You’re most correct about female anatomy. When you watch streams and 3/4 male players are using a female character, you see the stories don’t line up. I kinda call hypocrisy on many of the arguments.

The horrible thing is this situation is the direct result of failed local policies during the 1970s and 1980s, and mostly about media of the time. That’s when by and large the US decided to let municipalities decide “lewd and lascivious” for themselves by a standard of “I’ll know it when I see it.” Subjective and small-minded, if you ask me.

Consider GTA’s hot coffee. Horrible in-game character, barely humanoid, yet simulated acts were enough to send the US, Canadia (and some of Europe) into a frenzy.

And it’s not that nudity in itself would be offensive. The title you referenced was quite full of it, days gone by. The difference was and is that you could not make your character “do” anything with the nudes.

Conan Exiles, being open-world, lets you “do” things with their bodies, and Sony in no way wants content on its magic boxes to depict that. And finally, as Sony is Japan-based, without being unseemly there are certain cultural prohibitions vs female below-waist frontal nudity.

My biggest problem with all of this is a bit personal. I was running around the Mounds of the Dead yesterday, and I was really just struck by how beautiful the female NPCs are. Many of them were topless, and this neither seemed gratuitous nor exploitative. It was natural, like the beautiful scenery. It’s a shame this needs to be hidden from 60 million.

Thanks for all your posts!


My enjoyment of the game doesn’t hinge on being able to see dicks or boobs. TBH, those are marketing gimmicks designed to raise eyebrows and stir up the media.

Most times, when me or clanmates are looking at naked thralls, we’re admiring them as trophies, rather than any sort of progressive, admirable women. And I consider myself to be a fairly mature and respectful person. Most of the boobs I’ve seen in-game have been on slaves. 14-year-old boys will be far more rude, and I’m personally glad that they won’t be ogling boobs all day.

You might be able to handle nudity in one way, because you’re a more mature and respectful (and likely female) person than most, but that doesn’t mean everybody will handle it the same way. That is precisely why censorship exists. Censorship blocks ■■■ and nudity, but it also prevents rampant racism and sexism.

If you want my opinion on nudity, it’s that nudity can never be separated from ■■■. There’s no ‘noble savage’ concept of the essential human being nude. The ‘nude’ perfect human stems from religion and the Garden of Eden. Instead, humans have always been like snails, we fashion our own clothing. Our essential state is with clothing, tools, and weapons.

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I believe that is a neometaphor, whether intentional or not. Great writing deserves props, man.

I want my man bits free from thorns, twigs and combative grappling. Just the soles of your feet would be a liability in a week. Make men hump/shuffle 13 miles in good (but unfamiliar) paratrooper boots and half of them will come down with settling sole blisters. It’s awful, like trenchfoot. It informs my first steps in the game: get those coarse slippers! Which leads me to this part: the game wants you to put on clothing. When you join a new world, wearing coarse clothing can make the difference between being able to scoop up more Points of Interest, or running straight to the beach.

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well as a last resort, the least they could do is not censor posteriors, g strings that cover the front and expose the buttocks should be fine. and if women have to wear a bra, at least be minimal with how much skin it covers up. just because characters on console have to wear underwear, doesn’t mean they have to be the modest kind. they should pick revealing underwear for both sexes, just covering the genitals, and nipples if they must, but don’t overdo it.

at this point we may have to compromise with a balance, but Funcom could still make the characters skin to be as bare as possible while keeping Sony satisfied.

The game is about barbarians building and dominating, not sexual appeal so its not obsession its a matter of “why is this important if it does nothing for the core of the game?”. When you go out of your way to demand your virtual toon can show its privates on a game that directs you to gear up and explore your only making yourself sound more and more perverted.

I notice it exists, laugh for a moment, then move on and put some gear on. If you like naked virtual toons there are games out there for you. If you want to see real naked people to appreciate their beauty, there are classes for that. It’s a game, not a naked modeling show. Most importantly, if you want to see naked toons in Conan Exiles get it on PC. If you’re choosing your platform based on whether or not you can see nudity you’re buying this game for all the wrong reasons.

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It’s not Sony that needs satisfied, it’s the more local ratings boards. In Europe, it’ll be full nudity for everyone, consoles and PCs.

In North America, or at least anywhere with ERSB ratings, consoles will be limited to partial nudity. Topless women and men, but loincloths. Funcom included full nudity for everyone in their vision of the game, but understood that forcing it would limit their players, so included simple crude underwear that makes sense for an exiled survivor to wear. It makes an easy and fine saving solution for region based censorship as well.

Time and money are but limits, and the director has to make the call for every feature. Each one included is less polish and implementation for another.

To finally put the issue to bed, here’s how we’re handling nudity for the console release:

North America and any territories covered by the ESRB will be limited to partial nudity (toplessness) on both Xbox One and PS4. Full nudity in Conan Exiles would have resulted in a more restrictive rating in these territories, which would have prevented a wide release.

Full nudity will be available in PEGI territories on Xbox One and PS4 at launch. On Xbox One it will be a downloadable free patch. On PS4 it will most likely just be in the game at launch.


14 year old boys… well, sucks for their bad parents, 17+ rating. I am tired of nature’s rated games that get down graded because some parent is failing at their responsibility of being involved and aware.


Really makes no sense to me when we get games that get banned in Europe. GTA5 had male genitalia so I don’t see why it would matter here.

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In game you can drive all the way out to the privacy of Paleto Bay with a paramour, and never see more than simulated acts. As for genitalia, you can’t make Trev do things with his junk. In CE it’s quite possible to simulate a lot of stuff. Not saying it’s right, I’m just saying it’s a thing.

“PS4 and Xbox One versions of Conan Exiles should have nudity” I can see the headlines now! “Livid parents sue Funcom, for exposing their children to nudity on Conan Exiles”… Do you seriously think Funcom wants that kind of attention? And yes, you can bet that when kids watch Twitch videos/streams of Conan Exiles for PC, they’re gonna want their parents to buy it on console, thinking nudity will be available on it too. If you really want nudity on Conan Exiles, buy the PC version. Don’t expect Funcom to include nudity on the console version, just cause you want it!

We expect the game to be as it was intended on all platforms and are tired of people like you promoting censorship of games. When it has a Mature rating it is a sign that it is not intended for children. Therefore children cannot buy and should not play. If a parent buys this and allows their child to play that’s on them. Why give a game a Mature rating if it’s not actually Mature. And why have a rating system if you don’t actually use it for it’s intended purpose. I shouldn’t have to be explaining this. Get it together people. This is why advanced spacefaring civilizations won’t talk to us. And it is also why we can’t have nice things.

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Why? Do you think there aren’t enough people over 18 capable of purchasing this game online to make it profitable? Who exactly are you marketing this game to? Your consumers are adults with bank accounts, not children.

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