Full nudity DLC

I want to add a full nudity DLC. First off your psn account must be 18 or older for this DLC to show up. Second you have to have an account on funcom forums that is 18 or older. Third you must have an email that is 18 or older. Fourth you must confirmed your date of birth 10 times. Finally you must agree to a contract to funcom you are confirming you are 18 or older to download this Full nudity DLC.

I feel people aren’t going to understand. 18 or older as in your date of birth on those accounts.

Been over this so many times now little Bryan… It’s not their decision to dictate what console ratings are.


DLC different from main game. A free full nudity dlc with lots of loops to jump through could offer the mature game we players were promise.

This is a free skin item. Those without free nudity dlc can’t see full nudity.

I thought this game already had that option…

If you need to see nudity that badly, there are plenty of other websites you can go to so you can scratch that itch.

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There is already a DLC for this. It costs $39.99 and requires a PC.


Mature Gamers have this already
its called PC version

Stop playing on a kiddy system and you will get your mature game.

After all, you wouldn’t watch Nickelodeon to see uncut animated movie Heavy Metal.

Graduate to real system and you will be able to see all the boobs and genitalia your little wrist could desire

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Lets not pick drama with “console” gamers as if there aren’t immature players on pc. It’s a matter of ratings with esrb. European console gamers can download a free patch to unlock nudity, it’s very clear the developers are not against full nudity. It’s an issue with ESRB ratings and not Funcom, and to be honest it’s really not an issue period since this game’s primary purpose has nothing to do with nudity.

Argue gore and blood being too graphic for younger audiences, but in the end of the day this isn’t an issue Funcom can ever resolve. Carry on.


Noqe they tease and lie about it.

Careful your pc or labtop out dated. If we’re counting PC then this game already behind. Rust has full nudity.

You been beat conan.

Marking a DLC adult only. Boom baby! I just found a bypass. The original game is mature. The nudity dlc is adult only.

Name me a console game that’s rated Adults Only.

Just one.

They don’t exist.

Dude you have some understanding of systems and the terms of service that come with work dont you? Companies have those between themselves as well and they vary from region to region what you can have at any given point in any form of content in Europe will be very different from whats permittable in the US. There’s no legal loop hole around it. You want console nudity you’re gonna have to set it and a new account to be European and play the game from there.

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I’m in Aussie land where they hate nudity in games yet on PS4 I have full nudity with dongers flapping and breasts bouncing everywhere.
The game does not lie about having nudity.

Nope we definetly do in Europe… I think its a Puritan issue in the colonies… Chopping a head in two is fine but to see a naked man/woman would currupt you :rofl:

I said DLC.

Must be nice in other countries to have full nudity for consoles. How your gender freedom in those countries?

Is internet ■■■■ not enough for kids these days? Holster it up hormones.

Proof you’re toxic for this forum :confused: