Funcom, Full nudity, monetary profit opportunities

Please provide optional DLC backed behind monetary costs and waivers to buy ‘full server nudity’ a disclaimer and waiver for the consumer is more than enough. I believe that having to go through roundabout ways to get this in the USA is stupid. The ESRB shouldn’t stifle or restrict the creativity of developers and in honest would probably make the community happier as a whole and it already stands that you can ‘censor’ your self and others if such proclivity offends and if you really want money to improve your game me personally.

30$ easily as a max I would pay for such rights to not have the product I purchased ripped in half because some stupid ‘government officials’ or whatever you want to call the ESRB people ‘satan’ the ‘Devil’ a ‘God’ or ‘Goddess’ my term? Pure unadulterated maggots.

Simply consider and look in to this until then I will slowly and lazily crawl to the end goal post of circumventing these aforementioned MAGGOTS. In hope to own a product that isn’t given to me in a fraction of it’s capacity.

To be clear, I do love Banana Hammock jokes, Bikini Jokes and the word related to the gentiles of both genders does infact make me giggle some times. I am 32 I simply am sick of the restrictions on creations by people directed at the developers and buying a product and being told I am only allowed certain aspects of the product.

Consider it. Make my task easier and not a month long process for my lazy aspergers ass, my ability to finish aspects of my daily life only gets harder on me daily.

Please and thank you.

It isn’t Funcom stopping full nudity on consoles in the U.S. it’s the console game company’s and the distributors. Mostly it’s the distributors as many retail outlets have policy’s about NSRB ratings.

PC has full nudity out of the box, even in the U.S.


I am sure it is some level of maggotry but, the world would bendover backwards and spread its legs to the sky for a sizeable amount of monetary profit. So I figured there is a hope but with people you truly never know. An I am sure a level of outcry would be in the way of true creativity as humans do like to stifle or restrict whatever harms they sensitive proclivities and its actually absolutely horrendous as a species. One could only imagine a world where we never had a level of freedom to actually progress, video games once was tried to be killed off in the early stages of it’s existence because of the ‘devil’ or violence fears etc.

I remember once a woman claim that Pokémon was the work of the devil.

There is truly no level to stupidity and I thought because of my aspergers, I was stupid because of my autism and learning disability but perfectly normal people have shown me you don’t need a disability to be dumber than sin.

PC huh? Master-Race once more I must save up and buy an adequate PC, until then I shall run the hoops and loops hopefully not faulter in getting it done.

They don’t. They are merely advisory. Your issue like droch-aon stated is with Sony and Microsoft self-censoring. Funcom has no bearing with this outside giving them an ultimatum saying they will take CE off their platforms if they don’t conform to the same standards as PC.

This will very likely not go well.

However, you as a consumer of Sony/Microsoft products do have a say, if a small one. Let them (Sony or Microsoft) know in feedback, in social media, and other means to stop the censorship. Funcom is already in agreement that things shouldn’t be censored, they’ve already given their input.

This is one way of sending a message to the two major console manufacturers. And fortunately at least on EVGA’s website so far as I know, GPU’s are now at reasonable prices. And this will open up mods that will give you everything you wish, and probably things you didn’t know you wanted.


Not really, Its multi part issue… ESRB has large hand in it, if they slap a rating on a game. And Target/Walmart/Best But wont carry the AO rated game… might as well knocked nudity down a noche to please who ever rated it.

I doubt anyone at Sony/MS went… no changed that. Plently of games fly thru… just depends who gets see it ate go over details.

If it was a actual issue… they’d chop of RDO horse nutts, GTAO PP’s, Hammer down on Cyberpunk 2077.

Watchdogs had full nudity… but some moron took screencap and used share feature like fool. Got patched… cause some mom had a ****-fit.
Cyberpunk, didn’t get so much… removed, as they stopped “screen shot” mode form allowing nudity.
But its all there… XD
Remember devs talking about witcher 3 cut scenes… they had tone back the “thrusting” XD

There is DIFFIDENTLY some censorship with some games… outfits getting extra cloth etc.

I highly doubt Conan Exiles had issue… outside PP slider video at EA. >_>
Even then, wasn’t much people against it. It was more LOL, then anything.

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Wait what? Conan Exiles can be purchased at Walmart, Target, or Best Buy?

yeah, there was an actual proper retail release of the game.


Why is nudity so important for you? It’s not even good in this game…

I was like you, always had to install a nude mod in Skyrim. But as soon as I grew up and got a girlfriend, this was not important anymore.


You can get a UK disc version on eBay. Full nudity on that.

However, you do not get access to your DLC content.


Typo. “AO” rated game before other part.

Once a game gets slapped with AO rating, the places that are willing sale it drops instantly. So doing what you can to get game back to MA, so it’ll get placed on every shelf to be sold etc.


From Japan, So Nudity isn’t always about “OMG Boobies!!!”

Its just… there. Its Natural. Nothing about Sex, or Private Time.

I live in states now, so I can see were some people come from and have fuse against it. At same time… its just Nudity… lol, Good chunk of world doesn’t care.
I grew up on Public Baths, and seasonal events around Japan, and all oddties…

ALSO… its part of Lore, reading book(s) or Stories.


Just stop with this “got a girlfriend” B.S.
Lots of people don’t want censorship, regardless of their gender or proclivities.

I’m married, a parent and grandparent, I don’t even RP or any of those things.
But I find the silly underthings on the models in most video games ridiculous and immersion breaking.

It’s uninformed statements like yours that keep retailors and society in the dark ages.
Quit with the misogyny and step into the 21st century


Did you read my posts? Look if I ACTUALLY wanted nudity, I would buy a PC and say F anyone who gets in my way all the way to hiring many from anonymous to attack anyone who would get in the way of my random fancies and enjoyment. But.

That is not the case it’s the censorship of literally anything anyone deems offensive to them or others, be it, nudity, cursing, gestures, guns, violence. Did you know games literally would have gone belly up if specific companies such as Nintendo didn’t prevent the utter demise of video games all together which becomes a multi nation platform for money, esports etc etc?

Let’s say we remove anything violent from esports and all play mariocart… would you watch it everyday? No. Censorship is a murderer of many forms and I simply want to play the way the game was intended 100% Conan Lore, no stifling.

But it’s more I am paying for a hamburger and the manager tells me I am not allowed pickles even with a rating system to allow the user to purchase and be informed of the product but you know it’s not enough to just rate a game anymore must hammer harder the nail. AO games are no longer in existence outside of the web because the ESRB killed it.


I have a girlfriend as well she plays pc I don’t and does far worse than me on the sims. So yeah. Nudity doesn’t have to be good it’s not a jerking medium it’s a plot point in a way for the depravity of the exile lands to me, it’s a medium to greater story telling.

A anime I watched used the focal point of RPE to give a greater plot point of how goblins are evil regardless of being weak. But all anyone could scream was RPE bad but let’s be honest I am sure a good thousand watch that aspect in PRN.

A two faced coin when a uncomfortable subject offends another it must be banned, censored and the said thing or person must be condemn, burned at the stake for having the sheer arrogant thought to use anything someone else finds offensive to bring attention to something and or someone as a medium or plot point or example. It’s not allowed oh no don’t dare make me think outside of my preset brainwashing by you name a thing.

If people are offended to such degrees Australia exists, wonderful people, bad policies on censorship. Simply google how much is ‘offensive’ for the exact reason and how many games have been banned until altered until deemed ‘acceptable’.

Please read my post and replies next time.
To joke here you have offended me. Lol

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If the human body was nude on a regular basis no one would literally even give to craps or even giggle at the word nipple but find the person to be immature and seek out greater respect for the mind rather than simplistic remarks, heck I even believe sexual harassment would go down substantially due to it being common place and when people grow up around it, it is nothing more than a typical thing and day. But such a world only exists in few countries. All though there will always be draw backs to such things.

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Well… even I find the world Nipple amusing… =3 giggty

I think in states we have 3 of 50 that allow me to go topless… one day…one day the nipples will be free!



Glad to know some read my posts couldn’t have said it better.

Well I didn’t say I was one who didn’t like to have a good chuckle of course and I suppose I stated it in a manner as not all would stay friends with a level of any immaturity as I have grown up making all manner of jokes and told I am immature and they can’t stay friends with such people it’s silly but I should have also tried a better example and way of speaking towards the subject. Lol boobies boonies and macaroonies :laughing: :partying_face:

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I can go topless but… no one wants to see that not even me I simply ate to much peanut butter and should have known better rofl!