Nudity DLC not downloadable after game preview purchase

Game mode: [Online | Official]
Problem: [Bug | Misc]
Region: [Australia]

So I am a returning player from Xbox game preview release, and I noticed that their was a nudity patch but I couldn’t download it as I had to purchase the game again. I know there was supposed to be a code sent via email but it would have been deleted way before now. Is there anyway I could get the nudity patch without having to pay for the game again?


Or have a computer

@Jim1771 this has nothing to do with Funcom. Full nudity puts the game in AO rating status by ESRB standards and console manufacturers decided not to publish any AO stuff on their devices in the U.S. You wanna blame someone, blame them or the politicians that drove them to it back in the '90s. There is basically nothing that Funcom can do about it.

Actually this has nothing to do with being in the US, the problem is that I own the game and cannot download the DLC that comes with it. So the game I paid for is not letting me download the free dlc. I am aware that it is blocked in the US. It is clearly not blocked in Australia as my clanmates can assure you.

Did you check your system settings as Xbox does have content settings that are pretty messed up.

It’s not my Xbox settings. I own Conan Exiles but I don’t own the free DLC

I just wish I could have been in the meeting…

“We’re going to have nudity.”

“Full nudity? Won’t someone think of the children!”

“Ok, but we can still cut people’s heads off and butcher baby animals, right?”

“Oh yeah, that’s fine, but don’t you dare show a p***s, think of the children!”

My response was directed at Jim1771, who seemed determined that it was more or less just Funcom’s whim to dictate who gets to see how much skin. In your case, my only guess would be regional setting of some kind. I’m not terribly familiar with Xbox though, so I can’t even guess where to look for it.

Crazy to see Dicks of barbarian.

I’m in the U.S. and got it. But that was back during the beta days when i got it. Works fine for me. Just cant screenshot or record video.

Hello @FurgusFitz , we’ll reach out to you privately regarding this matter.