Nude dlc xbox one

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It was in PC originally actually, I remember seeing it there.

As for the OP, maybe try detail what exactly it is you’re trying to say, but if it’s what I think it is (I hope I am wrong, but I bet I’m right), full nudity as DLC for regions that currently don’t have it will never happen, this has been said numerous times throughout the forum.

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@CrystalGoddess Yes, this was in the incorrect group originally. I saw it over there and groaned.

To the OP, I too play on Xbox in the US where full nudity is not allowed. I spent 15 minutes on the web and figured out how to get it. About the 20th time I saw one of these threads start on the forum I broke down and posted instructions. I don’t remember which post has them. If you PM me, I’ll explain it again.

Funcom has no control over the nudity and cannot change this.

Beware, Microsoft is cracking down on methods that undermine the regional available items…

Im in the UK where it’s allowed and uninstalled and reinstalled the game last week and the nudity DLC’s not showing up anymore, I’ve tried everything. I think this guys having the same problem maybe?

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I can see the DLC but fun thing is… I have to buy Conan exiles again to get it unlocked since i bought the game when it was in game preview and there is only a redeem option for it when i check it out in the store. Can this get fixed, Devs?

I’ve tried looking for it in store but its not popping up, I might try an Xbox transfer from my Buddy’s Xbox

Does it show up for you if you check the new editions in the store? Like the complete and deluxe editions for example… It annoys me that is says its a free dlc when you can not get it unless you buy the updated bundles of the game…

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Same issue here, the free nudity dlc shows under the various editions but states not sold separately.

I bought the game early on in preview but can’t access the free dlc anymore

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No, it is not sold separately. When you buy a non US digital copy it will allow you to download it.

It can only be accessed via the Microsoft stores in Europe to my knowledge.

I’m running a UK version and have had no problems, but I set mine up about a month after the initial release. And after I had already bought the game in disk.

I’m in the UK so my digital copy will be non US, that’s the issue. In order to get the free dlc now I’d need to repurchase one of the various editions when I already purchased the game before it’s full release.

Oh, sorry. I had no problem with mine.

Hey there,

We’ve contacted our team about this. We’ll update y’all once we know any news about this.

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