Cant Install the free Nudity DLC on Xbox with Preview Purchase

Game mode: Store
Problem: Cant Install
Region: Europe UK

Okay so this has been an Issue I have seen a few times in my research on how to solve it but to reiterate:
I purchased Conan Exiles while it was still in its Preview stage. Since then I have installed it on and off. Just recently I re-installed the game and wanted to check out the DLC where I happned upon the free nudity DLC.
However I also Noticed I had to re-buy the game in order to get it.

After some digging I now know that it is an issue with anyone who purchased the Preview Version before release on Xbox. I’m still unsure if its MS store problem or a communication issue with FunCom and MS.

I have already changed my locatiin and la guage etc. Reinstalled and I am based in the UK so I know that is not an Issue. The Microsoft forums and support team are useless so I need help here.

Has anyone else had this Issue?
Is it solved?
Is FunCome doing something about it?

Iappreciate any help or support given as im pulling my hair out here.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Cant Replicate unless you own Preview Pirchased version

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Hi @StaceyJaxx, we’ll reach out to you privately regarding this matter.

Hello I have the same issue . I do not own the free dlc patch for the nudity even tho I own the preview version of the game and the royal armor .
I noticed it today because before today I was playing on the PS4 with the physical copy of the game .
Can I have the nudity patch for the Xbox game preview version please ? Thanks you very much .

Hi @DavidTheBarbarian, we’ll reach out to you privately as well.

So do I ask for a redeem code to download cause I’m having the same problem as well. Everytime I try to install it requires a redemption code, please help

@CrazyPhysis Did you purchase the game during the Game Preview period?

What region are you currently on?

no I have not purchased the game within the Game Preview Period and I’m in the US region, although I have switched my console to UK. Does this mean I am unable to download the pack? I can find the addon within the play store but once I try to purchase/download I am prompted with a message asking for a redemption code. Any recommendations I should take into consideration on how to go about obtaining the pack, if able to do so?

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Apologies for the delay in our response, unfortunately this pack is unavailable for the US region and we’re unable to assist you further with this matter, as it’s beyond our control.

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