Free Nudity DLC not working when game purchased during Preview

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Nudity DLC not recieved]
Region: [UK]

I recently reinstalled Conan Exiles on my Xbox One due to a friend purchasing and wanting to play it. My friend recieved the free Nudity DLC but it will not let me even attempt to install it. I’m assuming this is due to me purchasing the game while it was in preview but I cant find a way to fix the problem. How am I supposed to get this DLC??

Hi @SirMikeyHL

The Free Nudity DLC is only available for the digital editions that are indicated in the store page and if players are in a region that allows for it.
For physical copies, whether the full nudity option is available or not depends on the region of the purchased disk.

I purchased the digital version while it was in preview and live in the UK (where the DLC is allowed). So is there no was for me to get or even purchase the DLC without having to purchase the entire game again?

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