Full nudity xbox one not working

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Region: [uk]

Returning played from game preview and it wants me to buy the game again to get the Free nudity DLC. Help would be much loved.

Hello @Pogo1, welcome to the forums!

Could you please check your games and apps and let us know if the DLC is not available there?

To access this, focus on a game in your games list and press the menu button on your controller, then select Manage game & addons.

Just did this the only dlc i have is the royal armour

We’ll reach out privately to further discuss this matter.

can we have a reply i bought the game last night and when i try to download full nudity patch it tells me to buy the game again…i did buy the deluxe edition and its telling me its in the bundle and i dont understand why it wont let me download

Hi @jayjay, the Free Nudity DLC is only available for the digital editions that are indicated in the store page and if you’re in a region that allows for it.

For physical copies, whether the full nudity option is available or not depends on the region of the purchased disk.

Hello Hugo, I am also experiencing the issue. The Microsoft store page says it’s not sold separately but when I go to one of the products it recognizes the product and shows “install”. I do not see it in the add-ons area however.

Hi Hugo, also having the same issue, I’m in the UK and have the preview version and cannot access the nudity DLC

Hi Hugo,

I have the same problem. I’m in Luxembourg, and participated the early access on Xbox One (from France at that time), and the nudity dlc does not show up.

@Spar What is your current region? If your current region does not allow for this content you will not be able to access it.

@SumoSumoSnack and @CatnipTheGrey, all users who had purchased it during the Game Preview window should’ve received a code for the DLC, so please double-check if you might’ve missed it or forgot to claim it since it won’t be possible to access this DLC without it.

It has likely been sent to the same email registered to your XBox email.

I double-checked all email adresses, but no sign of such mail. As it has been a long time, if it when to the spams, it is long gone already.

What is the solution?

We’ll reach out to you privately in order to request further information to help sort out this situation.

Console is UK but the game was purchased from the US Microsoft store. Game plays fine, no issue with any other DLC just this one. I’ve purchased this game for PC and Xbox already so purchasing it again would seem a bit excessive.

Your current region and copy determine whether you may or may not access such content. As you say you’ve purchased the game from the US MS store you should have a censored version, so we’re unable to further assist with this matter as it’s outside of our control.

So I have to buy yet another copy? How does that work with the DLC? Do I have to buy each DLC over again? You have to have a better solution. My job takes me between countries and my console comes with me, so I’m effectively punished for having my store set to the US region at time of purchase?

Im from uk and bought the game in preview stage and have checked all emails and xbox messages and havnt found any code for this dlc plz help

@Spar There’s no need to buy additional DLC, as stated in the previous post your current region and copy (base game) determine the availability of the content, so there’s no solution we can offer from our end as we’re unable to bypass this restriction for both legal and technical constraints.

You may consider reaching out to the Microsoft Store to request a refund, as we don’t handle this process ourselves either.

@Batch Welcome to the forums, we’ll reach out to you privately regarding this matter.

I apologize if my question was unclear. I need to know if I repurchase from the UK Microsoft store if my DLC will carry over from the US version Ive already purchased. There is a huge difference between buying the base version (again…) Or needing also buy all the DLC I’ve already purchased over again.

No worries, to properly clarify on this matter the base game and DLC regions must match, which is a platform specific limitation.

Should you purchase the UK version of the base game, you won’t be able to access the DLC content that was purchased from the US store, as a specific example.

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