Can't Install the free Nudity DLC on Xbox with Preview Purchase

I bought the game when it was in preview. I have been informed that a code was suppose to be sent for us that bought it in preview to gain access to the DLC. However I have searched and have found that no code had been sent?

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Unless you are in Europe or somewhere else where full nudity is allowed probably won’t work anyway. Won’t work in the States with out a work around with a European game copy and a different account the way I understand it. Perhaps some one else can be of more help. @Kershaw.

The DLC you get with the early access to the game is Conan’s Royal armor, not the nudity DLC. Double check your game downloads to see if you have the armor. The nudity patch is something for non ESRB users (North America). Also you could get Conan’s Atlantean Sword if you bought a physical copy of the game.

Hey, there’s an easy way to get this “DLC”.

Simply go into the setting on your xbox, change your location to another country, preferably one without the nudity restrictions, this should prompt your xbox to restart, and after you start up agian you should be able to find the nudity pack in the games store page.

After you get it, I’d recommend changing your location back to the USA just so you dont forget later.

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