Full Nudity free DLC for consoles

I see my idea only able to work if Sony and Mircosoft are talk to about adding it as free dlc to 18 or older accounts.

Full nudity wars on consoles would be funny to see.

Remember this is only a suggestion. My idea can’t become a reality until it accepted by sony and mircosoft. That if the dev team uses the idea.

Throwing some things out there:

As I understand it, Europe is more relaxed about nudity, so they get it. Europe also is stricter about blood and gore, from what I read.

It’s basically an opposites thing:

USA gets lots of blood and gore, with no nudity.
Europe gets lots of nudity, with not so much blood and gore.

The ESRB is a complete joke. RDR2 was mentioned. Look back on PS3 at Red Dead Redemption. At one point in the game, you walk in on the Mexican revolutionary guy, having ■■■ with his cook. Her boobs are bouncing and she’s moaning.

It’s basically the equivalent of soft-core ■■■■■■■■■■■ that you’d see on Cinemax late nights. Granted, no genitalia are in it.

As far as it being shown in RDR2, it’s like a one-off thing, right? I haven’t played the game, so I don’t know. But if it’s literally a single cutscene, one time, then that is a tremendous difference between Exiles, which can have it constantly shown.

Sony and MS are to blame, but more it’s the religions in the USA. They have too much power. Even in adults only content, they spazz about protecting the children. (Which the USA is full of irresponsible parents that let their kids play M-rated stuff anyways).

Those together are why we won’t see it. Unless we pick up a UK PSN account, and buy the UK version of Exiles.

Better yet, get an Australian version, it’s much cheaper because our dollar has so much less value than the USD.

At the moment, the AU Conan is roughly equal to the US price.

Just checking now, the AU Conan is 69.95 and the US is 49.99. Converting Aussie dollars to USD it comes out to $50.06 to purchase the Aussie copy.

It’s still better than the UK, though. Because that one is almost $10 higher for UK over US.

If you really gotta have the full nudity, the best option is PS Prices. Go to the site, setup an account. Then switch to the UK and AUS search and find Conan Exiles, and put up a watch for price drops in those PS Stores.

You can get it to email you when the time comes. To catch it at a really steep discount. I have used the US PS Prices site for my main PS4 account, and gotten some great deals that pop up on stuff I want.

Completely wrong.

The rating system can and DOES have a lot to do with it. Because they label full frontal nudity as an Adults Only rating. M is not an adults only thing, despite being meant for ages 18+.

Sony and Microsoft refuse to allow Adults Only content on their consoles.

The trendy style of parenting in America is to let your kids do whatever they want. Which is why you get elementary students playing M-rated hyper-violent games that are only meant for adults. This contributes.

It is the fault of religions, Christianity in particular, which has long been one of the dominant religions of the USA, since it’s very beginning.

All of this adds up. America has always had a lot of prudish tendencies, and nudity is just one of the forerunners. And this is because of America’s history and origins.

You add up the laziness of modern parents, the prudish origins of the country, and the way most of the major religions act in trying to enforce their beliefs as law, and that is why the ESRB capitulates and labels something Adults Only.

In practice, M is supposed to be Adults Only. There is no circumstance where anyone under 18 should be playing an M-rated game. But if they labeled it properly as “Adults Only”, then the content wouldn’t be allowed in America. So it’s a loophole.

Titles rated M (Mature) have content that is generally suitable for persons ages 17 and up. May contain intense violence, blood and gore, sexual content and/or strong language.
Titles rated AO (Adults Only) have content that is only suitable for persons ages 17 and up. May contain intense violence, blood and gore, sexual content and/or strong language.

The ratings are exactly the same, except for one word. Generally and Only.

Personally, the ESRB is full of idiots, in my opinion. When you look at some of their rating choices. They let a lot of highly violent games slide under the M radar. They also let games with blatant sexual content slide as well.

You can say “Oh it’s marketed as a toy, blah blah”. But that is nonsense.

Grand Theft Auto (M) - you have ■■■ with hookers and kill them
Red Dead Redemption (M) - you witness softcore ■■■
Dragon Age Inquisition (M) - again, you witness ■■■ scenes

Then you compare this to Conan Exiles. No ■■■. Not even erotically designed nudity. You have limp genitalia and mostly pubic hair on the females. It could be thought of as sexy, sure.

■■■■■■? Not really. It’s not high graphical detail. It’s not perverse. It’s honestly not particularly arousing.

Clearly it was wrong to try and label it as an AO and force them to remove it. The other games have far more eroticism in them than Conan does, and they were given lesser ratings.

You might also look at it from another perspective. They were games made by larger companies, so I have no doubt in my mind at all that they were paid off to give an M-rating instead of an AO. The ESRB has a history of inappropriate ratings for games since it was originally founded.

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That only further proves them trying to claim Conan deserved AO because of the frontal nudity on lower extremities as unreasonable and unjustified.

Because anyone reading this can agree, limp dongs and pubic hair is not “graphic sexual content”, when the same can be seen in other games that are rated M.

That isn’t the issue.

US release should have had no problem being exactly like the EU release and still getting an M-rating when you look at the amount of sexual content found in many other M-rated titles.

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Look all I want a free dlc for nudity. Adult dlc rating. So the game can keep it’s 17+ rating. The free dlc is rated Adult only. If sony and mircosoft agree to it then there that. The DLC is locked behind an account ID. Like all downloadable dlc. When you make a sony account you put your birth date on the account. This information can be use by sony to confirm your age. This way those under 18 can’t download it.

You are just gonna have to suck it up and buy a foreign copy, or else get it for the PC.

Full nudity isn’t coming to PS4 or Xbox.

This information can be use by sony to confirm your age.

No, this information only tells sony what you “claim” your age to be. It doesn’t have to be accurate. Which is how people sign up for UK PSN accounts while living in the USA.

The free adult rating DLC is for countries that heavy censor nudity.

You want to talk business. ■■■ sells as a hot topic. Look at clothing and etc. If it hot then it in.

He’s like that in every topic he’s in. It’s about like talking to a brick wall.


Let’s be honest here a smart business plan would allow modding to the game. Sony is strict on modding. Look at fallout 4 and Skyrim.

A free adult dlc that adds what already in game,but locked behind a country region isn’t breaking any rules. As long as Sony and Mircosoft ok with it. This adds zero to the game. It a key to a locked that most countries already have.

This will never happen and this is why.

Since this thread is no longer constructive, I am locking it.